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The Crash-Course in Advanced Library Science

The Crash-Course in Advanced Library Science

Price: $24.99

As of March 2020 – this is the only course – teaching you how to use the library – or what is referred to by librarians as “Library Science.” Prior to this course, the library has been missing from every online learning platform.

Yet it is the library that informs all our learning and knowledge. The library is how we learn. It’s from what we learn. Every school has a library from which to draw books, lessons and learning.

The Crash-Course in Advanced Library Science

  • Teaches you the most far-reaching, powerful ideas anywhere on how to use the library

  • Learn the fast – easy – better – “no reading” solution to getting the most out of the library

  • Save time and effort – while you maximize what you learn from books and everything library

  • Full of surprises and joys – take your library education to places you never thought possible!

“The Course on the Library – You’ve Been Waiting For!”

  • A refreshing and inspiring take on our timeless human treasure – the library

  • This curriculum truly advances the subject of Library Science for patrons of the library

  • You will learn concepts and practices not found anywhere else

  • These ideas are supported by proven real-world examples of their use

“A Course on the Library – Especially For You!”

  • For college students

  • For entrepreneurs and organizations

  • For lifelong learners

  • For patrons and lovers of the library

“Master the Library in Less Than One Night”

  • Learn how to use the library for today’s challenging world

  • Take your first steps into Library Science

  • Learn to think and act like a librarian

  • Understand and apply the Library Science *singularity*

  • Continue to grow in your library education with regular updates to this curriculum

  • Including – applying your learning to the real-world with workshops in The Library Science Lab

“The Crash-Course in Advanced Library Science” will take you quickly through the methods, tools and techniques of how to use the library for faster, easier, and better results.

You will learn and be able to apply – new life-transforming library skills – by the end of the course.

You won’t be disappointed.

Note: Non-English speaking students are encouraged to use captions in their native languages and to take notes while watching lectures.


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