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The Gold Mettle Plan

The Gold Mettle Plan

Price: $19.99

The truth is stranger than fiction.

Discover how you can skyrocket your chances to victory with The Gold Mettle Plan!
A Completely Different Approach To Judo Took Me From Average To Great In Only A Few Months
………And I’m Convinced That ANYONE Can Copy What I’ve Done Once They Understand It

Why would any sane person reveal this kind of secret if it was true? Read my message and find out.

Dear Friend:

You may have never heard of me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Rhadi Ferguson, I’m a 4-Time National Judo Champion and a 2004 Olympian. I placed 16th in Athens, Greece and although I didn’t win a Gold Medal, I did win.


Because 16th in the World was the best that I could do.

See, often times people measure their success by what they see others do. Let me tell you a story about my friend Matt Marcinek. He is an unbelievable individual who has cerebral palsy.

He competes week after week and although he may never compete at the World Championships, he is a champion in my WORLD! He understands that the key to winning is making sure that you leave every practice and every tournament better than when you arrived. Matt is one of the many people that I’ve shared my secrets with. I’ve essentially cracked the code and discovered what some call The Olympian Success Formula, I just call it The Gold Mettle Plan.

I’ve Cracked The Code And I’m Going To Give It To You, So You Can Begin
To Unlock And Unleash The Champion Inside Of You Today!!

I found the secret ingredients that you need to possess if you want to increase your chances as becoming an Olympian. If you’ve IMMEDIATELY said to yourself just now – that you “don’t have a chance” or “yeah, right” – then that is the number one reason YOU won’t ever achieve your dreams.

Making “The Team” begins with the belief that you CAN make the team. It’s that simple. Just think. How many times have you looked at the brackets or the weight assignments and thought, “Well, I can’t win” or “ at least I can pull out a second” or “I’m just gonna go out and do my best” or “I’m gonna shoot my shot”. Well, heck – no wonder you lose! You don’t BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN WIN!!


I believe that everyone has the ability to win and everyone has the ability to be mentally tough. When I was an up and comer in judo, after many matches that I fought I had one man come up to me and tell me one or two things. He either said, “You fought tough today” or he said, “You’ve got to fight tougher.”

That was all that he said.

He didn’t show me any fancy moves, no stunning uchimata, no grips – NOTHING!! That man’s name is Pat Burris. Even to this day, he preaches TOUGHNESS. Although “skill” is necessary, your will has to outweigh you skill. Training is necessary. Grip fighting is crucial. Conditioning is important. But if you have all of that without a hard nose plan to be tough and to do what is necessary to make sure that you can win – then you are wasting your time. Don’t waste you time – get The Gold Mettle Plan and watch how having a plan puts victories into your career.

Winning Requires More Than, Grips, Throws, Practices and Uchikomi. If That’s All It Took, We’d All Be World Champions!

Let me take you by the hand and tell you exactly what you need to do in order to win. You CAN have the Gold Medal, but not without a plan – The Gold Mettle Plan. In order to win, you need the three P’s. These three things will separate the winners from the losers in judo, in competition, in business and in life. These 3 things can only exist for you – if you make the effort to put them there. I found out that all champions have these three things and if you want to be a champion – you are going to need them too. These 3 things are a Plan, a Purpose, and Passion


Let me tell you a story……In 1998 I fought at the Senior Nationals in Chicago and I lost in the 1st round and then in the 3rd round. I came home empty handed, a loser. But I lost by choice, BECAUSE I DIDN’T CHOOSE TO WIN that day. I remember sitting on the sideline talking to Wayne Dickinson from Massachusetts and he asked, “How did it go today?” I said, “It was pretty easy.” Not realizing that I was being disrespectful, Wayne reminded me by saying, “Well, if it was so easy, why are you over here sitting with me?” At that time I decided – that I will no longer agree to lose. I had my breakthrough right there and that was the beginning of the formulation of my Gold Mettle Plan. Later on that year in October, I won a bronze medal at the US Open.


My plan has been fine tuned and restructured in such a fashion that it is almost fool proof for those that follow it. It essentially puts wins in your career. If you follow The Gold Mettle Plan and do the EXACT things that I tell you to do – your ability to win matches will increase and you will increase your chances of becoming an Olympian.

Rhadi, enough already! What Is The “Gold Mettle Plan?”

About 2 to 3 times a month I perform seminars at various locations around the country for a decent amount of money and I’m still paying off my credit cards from my judo career. I sprinkle the speaking engagements in with all of my phone consults, strength training sessions, private Judo and Jiujitsu lessons and running my own business. Needless to say, my time is very tight and I don’t have time to waste nor for trivial matters, but as a former Judo player I know how tight money is and I don’t think that it is fair nor right that you should not be able to get the same lessons or benefits as others just because you don’t have the money. Because when I didn’t have the money I needed someone to help me, so I’m going to help you.

You Should Not Be Deprived Of The Best Material Available Because You’re Not Rich!! I’ll take “the hit” for your benefit

The same exact seminar material that I’ve used and presented on that generally costs thousands of dollars to access is going to be made available to you at a fraction of the price. You deserve an opportunity to access the best information available.

So here’s what I did just for you.

I essentially put on a seminar in my home just for you and packaged it so that you can, not only watch it and study it but play it over and over again to solidify and reinforce the powerful message in The Gold Mettle Plan presentation. Many people have walked out of my seminars after this presentation with a new attitude, a new outlook on life and a personal breakthrough experience. This learning experience in The Gold Mettle Plan will provide you with more than one or two eyebrow raising moments and you are guaranteed to get that “AHA!!!!” experience that you are looking for.

If you want to achieve high levels of success on and off the mat and put yourself on the pathway to excellence, then you need to get on THE GOLD METTLE PLAN Today!!!

If you don’t believe me, just listen to what others have said,,,,,,,

“Rhadi Ferguson is an amazing coach and instructor. He explains in great detail how to get the most out of your moves, and gives you insight into what it takes to beat the best in the game. My son and I have drastically improved.”
Brian Schafer

“I had the experience of listening to Rhadi Ferguson speak at a seminar. He is very knowledgeable in theory and in practice and has a way of effectively using analogies to make complex concepts seem simple and direct. Rhadi is the real-deal and his achievements show that he is someone who knows what he’s talking about. As a participant, it was encouraging to learn from someone who genuinely shares his knowledge and experience in order to help others reach their own personal and professional goals.”
Jessica Oosting

Having such a supportive, encouraging and experienced coach in my corner who has coaching experience and expertise has not only increased my confidence in sport, but in life as well. Coach Ferguson’s coaching and visualization techniques helped me to achieve a personal record in the back squat (400lbs.) and the clean and jerk(286lbs.), something I have been unable to do since 1999. As a 9-Time National Champion, American Record Holder and 2000 Olympian I regret very little about my athletic career. After achieving the results that I have achieved after less than a year of incorporating his techniques into my training, my only regret is that I didn’t meet him years ago. With Rhadi Ferguson’s Gold Mettle Plan, you too can get an advantage over your opponents and achieve the breakthrough that you need to win!
Cara Heads
2000 Olympian

I appreciate all the guidance and assistance delivered by Coach Ferguson. His encouragement along the way helped me to stick with the program. I admit that I have digressed on occasion, but I know exactly what I must do to get back on track. I will be forever grateful to Coach Ferguson for the impact he made in my life. I pray God’s many blessings upon him and his family.
Janette Roberts


Coach Ferguson has reinforced in me that if you truly want something bad enough you need to train and train HARD to get it. The lessons that Mr. Ferguson puts forth in this video are invaluable to any athlete who wishes to reach a championship level in his/her
Matt Marcinek


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