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The Predictive Project Manager (No Coding skills needed)

The Predictive Project Manager (No Coding skills needed)

Price: $94.99

This course is for all those Project Management Professionals who want to learn the NextGen Project Management. Learn to be Predictive by applying the Machine Learning Techniques given in this course in your professional environment.

You will learn the Basics of Statistics, Types of Analytics, Machine Learning 7 Steps Lifecycle Framework and a Practical Case Study.

You get 4 Machine Learning Excel templates to use in your professional work as a project management professional.

This is a practical hands-on course covering some theory on Statistics, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

5 Hours of training give you PDUs for 2.5 hours Technical, 2.25 hours Leadership, and 0.25 Strategic for PDU Continuing Certification Requirements System CCRS by PMI.

Please enter the following information in the PMI® USA CCRS Report PDU screen as per details given below:

Provider Name: Udemy®

Course Name: The Predictive Project Manager

Course URL: Copy-paste the URL from the browser window for this course.


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