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The Science of Being Great – How To Be Awesome!

The Science of Being Great – How To Be Awesome!

Price: $94.99

‘The Science of Being Great: How to Be Awesome’ is our treatment of Wallace Wattles’ classic from 1910.

We’ve done this course as a follow-up to the hugely popular ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ course available right here on Udemy, and it follows exactly the same system for mastery, the 13×4.

‘The Science of Being Great’ takes some of the ideas from ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ to a new level and introduces a whole bunch of even more esoteric, yet beautifully practical perspectives.

The principles can be applied by all people, rich or poor, in their quest to become just a little bit more awesome in their everyday lives.

This programme will work for people in every interaction with others;

for parents and for children,

for leaders and for followers,

for people in a relationship and for those on their own,

for people with ambition, and for people who are happy where they are.

It’s a ‘code of practice’ for how to bring greater life to all people with whom you interact, by doing exactly what you do right now.

It’s pretty deep stuff, but yet again, it’s so evidently brilliant that it will astonish even the most forward-thinking individuals with its blend of the esoteric and the practical.

It’s by far the best work we’ve ever done and we are so very excited to share it with you all.

Enjoy, learn, become great and spread the word.

All the best,

Tom & Angela.

October 2014. Spaceship Earth.

Course image by Kieran Doherty, leading photojournalist. google ‘leading photojournalist’ for more examples of his outstanding work.


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