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The Secret to  Resilience

The Secret to Resilience

Price: $79.99

Have you ever wondered why some people are much better at dealing with stress and coping with difficulties and adversities? Well then, this course is for you.

The course begins by looking at what is meant by Resilience, with some real-life examples of people being Resilient in tough circumstances. Then we look at what difference Resilience makes to our happiness and success in life. In short, we will discover what the secret to Resilience is.

During the course you will learn all about the role that your caveman emotions and beliefs play in your Resilience, and you will have the opportunity for lots of hands-on practice of activities which build Resilience. You will be given all the tools, tips, and strategies necessary in order to build your Resilience, by identifying your own personal stress triggers and who or what pushes your buttons.

By the end of the course, you will have a much deeper understanding of what helps and what hinders your own personal Resilience, as well as a complete set of resources to create your own personal Resilience-building Action Plan.


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