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The Ultimate All-in-One Microsoft Power BI Course [Mar 2021]

The Ultimate All-in-One Microsoft Power BI Course [Mar 2021]

Price: $79.99

This course features the latest Power BI Desktop so rest assured that you are going to learn about the most up-to-date features of Power BI Desktop as well as how to publish your sophisticated dashboards into Power BI cloud-based online services in order to share with colleagues and other users via Email, URL link, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerPoint and create embedded code to publish your dashboards into your website.

You’ll immediately get your return on investment from budget point of view as I’ll teach you step by step how to apply for a Microsoft free license which gives you free access to not only Power BI Pro features but also other wide range of Microsoft solutions such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Teams, SharePoint and many more.

Instead of purely lecturing all the functionalities of Power BI like other courses, I’m combining lectures with practices (case study) so you’ll have first-hand learning and applying experience.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to build on your own beautifully-designed, professional-looking and report-ready dashboards if you follow the steps in my course. You’ll be able to leverage what you’ve learned in your real-life business or personal contexts.

Throughout my course, you’ll be able to learn and apply:

Load data

  • Load data with different formats

  • Load data in one file one sheet

  • Load data in one file multiple sheets

  • Load data in multiple files and multiple sheets

Transform data

  • Cleanse and standardise source data in power query editor

  • Add additional data fields

  • Change data types

  • Format data

Build data model

  • build one single data model with multiple tables

  • build separate data models

Create visualisations

  • Build different chart types from built-in charts

  • Access and use customised charts from Power BI marketplace

  • DAX

  • Format

  • Filters

  • Analytics function

Build dashboards

  • Canvas layout design

  • Cover page creation

  • Buttons with linked functions and URLs

  • Bookmarks

  • Customise theme

  • Dashboard export

  • Top tips

Publish and share

  • Publish dashboards from Power BI desktop to Power BI Cloud-based Online Service

  • Share dashboards via email and manage user access

  • Share dashboards via Microsoft Teams

  • Share dashboards via URL links

  • Share dashboards via embedded codes and publish in your websites

  • Share dashboards via automated PowerPoint Templates

  • Find and recycle published apps from other users

So how does this sound to you? I look forward to welcoming you in my course.




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