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The Ultimate Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Project

The Ultimate Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Project

Price: $29.99

***The only complete CCNA project course using packet tracer on Udemy.***

Whenever I finished teaching CCNA in a classroom, my students ask me to give them a full project to apply their knowledge and master their practical skills. And from there, the idea of this course came. Usually, when students study CCNA, they practice technologies in separate labs for each technology. Therefore, they feel that they are lacking practicing labs where multiple technologies interact, and depend on each other. For example, if your layer 2 technologies such as trunking and EtherChannel do not work, then your layer 3 technologies such as routing will not work. Furthermore, students want to practice labs that simulates real networks in production as much as possible. For these mentioned reasons, I have created this course so that students:

  • Refresh, strengthen, and master CCNA knowledge and practical skills.
  • Apply CCNA knowledge in a full project that simulates real networks in production.
  • Feel how the configuration section in the CCIE lab looks like , with many required tasks, and where multiple technologies interact and depend on each other , but at the CCNA level.
  • Learn how to use techniques that speed up and ease configuration, and minimize mistakes such as using history command and notepad. These techniques are useful even when working with real projects in production.

You can use this course to refresh or complement your CCNA studies. Please do not depend on it alone for your CCNA studies. It is assumed that you are either finished CCNA currently or long ago, or are studying for it currently.

This course contains articles, videos, the network topology in packet tracer, files of the required tasks and complete solutions. Each task is solved in a separated video that is preceded by an article that contains a brief explanation of technology in the task, its configuration and verification. I strongly recommend reading each article before watching the companion video. Also, try to solve each task yourself first before watching the solution in the video or reading it in the solution file.

This course consists of six sections:

  1. Course Introduction and overview: where I explain the network design and topology, and you will find the packet tracer topology, and the tasks required to be configured.
  2. Configuring the Main Site: where Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies are configured to achieve full connectivity within the main site.
  3. Configuring the Branches: where the branches are configured so that we achieve full connectivity within the whole network.
  4. Configuring Additional Features and Security: where features that enhances the performance and security of the network are implemented.
  5. Configuring Internet Connectivity: where connectivity to and from the Internet is configured securely.
  6. Final Verification and Full Solutions: where final & full verification of our configuration is done and a file of the full solutions is provided.


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