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The Ultimate Guide to Critical Thinking (140 Techniques)

The Ultimate Guide to Critical Thinking (140 Techniques)

Price: $19.99

In this course, you’ll learn a collection of cognitive biases that will improve your critical thinking skills.

What is critical thinking?

It starts with the word critic…meaning to criticize.

Critical thinking is about taking a skeptical look at anything you hear or read.

It’s about checking things out before assuming they are true.

A good analogy is the antivirus scanner on your computer.

It download millions of “signatures” from the company who creates the software.

Each signature is tested against each file that the software scans. If anything in the file matches one of the virus “signatures”, that means it’s a potentially dangerous file and will be quarantined.

Cognitive biases are similar.

In this course youll learn dozens of these “signatures” that will help you debias your thinking so that you are less likely to fall victim to a cognitive bias distorting your thinking.

This course is unlike any other course I’ve created.

Each lecture has a standard formula:

1. The name of the cognitive bias

2. Any other synonyms (alternate names) for the cognitive bias

3. A simple explanation of the bias

4. A real world example of the cognitive bias in action

5. Commentary on how the cognitive bias evolved to be adaptive to the environment, and how it may be related to other cognitive biases (if applicable)

Get ready to take your thinking skills to the next level.

See you on the inside,



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