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The Ultimate Leadership & Personal Development Course

The Ultimate Leadership & Personal Development Course

Price: $94.99

What is this course?

It’s a unique self-improvement program to help people develop a set of skills (21st century skills such us Leadership, Communication, energy and Creativity) to achieve personal and professional success.

Why is this unique?

The YPD method. It works like a Lego – Our program offers you the first set of 11 challenges (lessons) the user need to complete in 11 weeks.

It is FUN and easy to follow. All lessons are recorded in a way that it will be entertaining and interactive for the user. We want to offer a experience similar to feeling that you will have your own professional YPD coach having coffee with you. The language is simple and the content is deployed as a casual conversation using day-to-day situations as examples. No complicated term or wording. It is friendly and easy to follow.

How does this course can change someone’s life?

Our course doesn’t change anybodies life. People change their own life. Our program is design to help you motivate that change through skills development.

Imagine this course as “Batman’s belt”. Batman has a belt full of strategic weapons that he will use depending the situation. The program works exactly the same.

People don’t do things, don’t make changes in their life because they don’t feel prepare. With the “Batman’s belt” set of skills inside this course we offer you the possibility to feel you have the right “weapon” for every situation. This will help with the confidence you need to do great new things in life.

This is what we call the CAN DO SPIRIT.

If you think you have the right weapons with you (skills), you will feel confident enough to awake the “can do spirit” within.

What is inside this program?

Here is the list of our “Batman’s belt weapons” (Skills) you will find inside our course:

1. The Brand

What if you were able to promote your best qualities like the big brand names do? What impact would that have on your work? What role does your personal brand play in your community? And in your life?

Summary: A company’s brand value is directly related to its stock performance and the investments made by the company over time. Our names, our personal signatures, are a brand. How much do you invest in creating your brand? In thinking about what qualities are associated with it? And in developing a marketing plan?


• To create awareness that as a company has brand, you also have your own personal brand, its value is your responsibility and is related to your actions.

• To identify the attributes of your personal brand.

Conclusion: Build your personal brand from your best qualities!

Challenge: Build your personal Molecule (personal attributes) and your group molecule (shared attributes within a group).

2. Effective Presentations: Learn how to make high-impact presentations

What do you need to make a good presentation? One of the best advertising campaigns used simply a sticky note for their presentation (Nike, “Just do it”). Join us and learn how to make high-impact presentations.

Summary: In this lesson you will learn how to make persuasive and impactful presentations using communication techniques and ticks of the trade.


• To make persuasive presentations.

• To make good looking presentations that are a big hit.

Conclusion: Use the seven tricks of the trade and present your ideas, products and projects in a powerful and influential way!

Challenge: Build your own impactful presentation on the content contained in this lesson.

3. The Map of my life: Where I am and where I want to go

All treasure needs a map to be found. Your greatest treasure is your own life. If you’ve ever wondered what do with your life, this lesson will teach you how to open your mind and focus on the objectives, resources and actions you need to take for your life project.

Summary: This lesson will take you through your main personal and professional goals. You’ll think about what resources you’ll need and what actions you’ll have to take in order to obtain those resources. You’ll visualize all your objectives, resources and actions on the “map of your life” – this is what you’ll have at the end of the lesson.


• To think about your future.

• To orient yourself toward your goals.

• To understand the differences between what’s important and what’s urgent.

Conclusion: If you have dreams…if you have goals you want to accomplish…go get ’em!

Challenge: Make a map of your life…and most importantly…make it come true!

4. The power of connections CLIC: Discover your power to influence and empathize

What key can open all doors? Communication is the key to success in your professional and personal life. Discover how to connect with others and develop techniques to empathize and click with anyone you meet.

Summary: In this lesson you will learn techniques to empathize with others. Using the power of nonverbal language you’ll learn to click with anyone you have a conversation with.

This lesson includes the videogame CLIC! (available for MAC and PC)


• To understand how the communication process works.

• To learn how to use your communication tools to influence and empathize (using body and non-verbal language).

Conclusion: To be a good communicator you have to step outside of yourself.

Challenge: Download and play the videogame CLIC. Score in less than 1 minute and win 3 stars in each of the 3 scenes.

5. Life is beautiful: Develop your leadership

Effective leadership is achieved by being your own leader. In this lesson we’ll embark upon a journey, a transformational experience that will help you get to know yourself better and help you develop the skills to become a true leader.

Summary: Through a role-play exercise based on Viktor Frankl’s experience of survival in Nazi concentration camps, you’ll improve your ability to be your own leader (self- awareness, self-control, self-confidence, self-reliance) as a basis for managing people, being committed, and developing your ability to become a strong leader.

Objectives: Reflect on and realize the meaning of your life as the basis for:

• Developing the ability to be your own leader

• Learning to manage others.

• Developing a sense of commitment.

Conclusion: Being your own leader is the first step in developing your leadership skills. Become the best version of yourself from your positive attitude.


1. What would you do in each of the four proposed role-play scenarios?

2. What hand was Viktor Frankl dealt and what motivators did he have? How can you use those same motivators to play your own cards?

6. 13 Steps to public speaking

Do you want to speak in public? Want to communicate and have an impact on your audience? Have you ever had to give a speech? Learn simple techniques to master the art of public speaking. Do it in 13 steps with us!

Summary: In this lesson you will learn public speaking techniques. By discovering the power of verbal and nonverbal language you will become an oratory master.


• To master the art of public speaking.

• To learn how to make your presentations engaging.

• To overcome stage fright.

Conclusion: Apply these 13 steps when speaking in public and improve the impact you have on your audience!

Challenges: Speak in public following these 13 steps, record and share your presentation with us.

7. How to start a business in 10 sessions

Have a great idea for a business? Getting it started is easy. If you feel lost, don’t know where to start, or you simply want to see if your idea is a real and viable option for making a living, then this lesson is for you!

Summary: In this lesson you will learn what a business plan is and how to make your own. You will learn the process behind turning an idea into a business plan. You’ll build your own business plan in 10 simple sessions, as the first step to starting your own business.


• To develop your entrepreneurial spirit.

• To become goal oriented and make a plan to get your business idea off the ground.

Conclusion: Use these tools and awaken your entrepreneurial spirit with your enthusiasm and creativity!

Challenge: Create your own Business Plan based on a business idea.

8. The Cartoon Experience: How to start-up your business and not die trying

“Bugs Bunny”, “Mickey Mouse” or “Ninja Turtles” are not just the result of a great idea. Thanks to teamwork, creativity and sales strategy, they are animation industry icons. Learn to develop creative ideas and start your business through this experience, and not tie trying.

Summary: In this lesson you will learn the process of building a company through a real entrepreneurial experience in the cartoon industry. You will learn how to develop a business idea in line with industry specifications. We’ll help you develop your very own project.


• To reinforce the process of coming up with an idea and being goal oriented.

• To learn from common mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

• To develop your creativity, teamwork and communication.

Conclusion: Reach for the moon, you may land on a star! Above all, enjoy the ride!

Challenge: Write a creative concept for a kids TV animation program and share it in a 30 second video (no more than 30 seconds).

9. The Elevator Pitch: Learn to sell yourself in 30 seconds

You want to work at Microsoft and happen to find yourself in an elevator with Bill Gates himself! You’re chatting with friends about your project and they introduce you to a potential investor who is about to leave. How do you convince them? How to spark their interest in the shortest time possible?

Summary: In this lesson you will learn how to craft your own Elevator Pitch by using tricks and methods that will allow you to be direct, concrete, and passionate…all in less than 30 seconds.


• To master the art of being persuasive in the shortest time possible.

• To learn how to construct an elevator pitch to sell yourself or an idea in 30 seconds.

Conclusion: Balance your persuasiveness, with your creativity and empathy when the time comes for your Elevator Pitch!

Challenge: Craft the script of your Elevator Pitch. Rehearse it and then record yourself giving the pitch.

10. Metamorphosis: Develop your ability to change

According to Darwin ́s Theory of Evolution: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. If you want to develop your capacity for action and learn how to make change possible to improve your life, this is the lesson for you!

Summary: Do you know anyone who says things like, “I can’t change. I’m just that way. Period”? Do you think that’s true? Do you think we can only be one way and unable to change? In this lesson you will learn that it is possible to change and it is possible to develop our ability to take action.


• To understand that the world changes and our metamorphosis is real and constant.

• To find out which variables we have control over and which ones we don’t and how to respond to each.

• To understand the importance of our Ability to Take Action.

• To understand pillars that awaken our desire to do things in our lives.

Conclusion: We only have one life. Take action and make your dreams come true! Why not?

Challenge: Do the exercises and fill out the questionnaires from the downloadable material in this lesson (Presentation: The impulse to change-METAMORFOSIS)

11. The A Team: Develop your team spirit

In “The A Team” what Hannibal Smith liked most was when things “went according to plan”. On a team everyone knows what they have to do and how to do it. Develop your ability to work in a team and discover the keys to being a high performance team.

Summary: In this lesson you will examine the keys that make a team excellent with concrete action plans and a practical approach that can you apply to your own teams.

Objectives: Develop your team spirit and develop your ability to work in a team by:

• Discovering the keys to being a high performance team.

• Executing actions that drive team excellence.

Conclusion: The question is, what can YOU do for YOUR TEAM?

Challenge: Identifies high performance team behaviors (10 keys) that appear in these 3 films: Gladiator, Oceans Eleven, Chicken Run.

This is a course PRESENTED BY YPD.

YPD is the first company focused on helping you to develop your “can do” spirit.

YPD nurtures human potential by teaching people how to develop & implement the 21st Century skills needed to maximize their personal & professional success.

We’ve developed a complete set of self-paced training skills just for you. All you need to activate your initiative and make your dreams and goals come true. An idea based on YPD methodology and developed by a team of experts (YPD Captains), for learning and developing your talent through energy, creativity, communication and leadership.

All materials and resources to discover your potential and develop your talent. Develop your skills, encourage your entrepreneurial spirit to change the world … Why not?


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