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The Way of the Learner System: the Path to Learning Success

The Way of the Learner System: the Path to Learning Success

Price: $49.99

We live in an age of information. It is estimated that the collective information in the world doubles every two years and the internet, every 90 days. In today’s economy, success no longer belongs to those who work the hardest, but to those who make the best use of available information.

Yet many of us struggle with learning. We can study textbooks for hours only to forget 70% of what we learned within a few days. We spend anywhere between 12 and 20 years of our lives in formal education yet struggle with basic math and grammar.

What if there was a way you could remember anything you want and forget nothing you need?

Hello! I am Benjamin Rosemont, founder of the Way of the Learner, an organization dedicated to equipping students and professionals with transformational learning techniques. As an avid learner, I am driven by the thrill of discovering principles and practices I can use to improve the quality of life for others and for myself.

Think how exciting life would be if in everything you did you acted with knowledge and understanding. Imagine what effect that would have on your education, career, finances, and even your hobbies.

That was my vision. And so, I set out to discover the best ways to go about learning, from the techniques used by the ancient Greeks to the discoveries of modern science and even to the competitions of memory champions. My goal was to distill all those principles and techniques into one comprehensive, easy-to-learn, step-by-step system that anyone could use for any learning endeavor. The result was the Way of the Learner System.

If you are a student, this course will help to improve your grades, reduce your stress, and boost your confidence. It will also help you to get ahead of your studies so that you have more time to do the things you love.

If you are an entrepreneur or professional, this course will help you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to stand out from the competition and advance your career.

And finally, this course is for anyone who has the audacity to dream and the drive to succeed.

You do not have to be a genius to become a successful learner. The techniques I will teach you in this course are effective because they make use of skills you already possess. You will also not find any tedious memory improvement or speed reading drills, just one comprehensive, step-by-step learning system.

If you are ready to learn these time-tested, scientifically-validated, and competitively-proven learning techniques, then enroll now to gain instant access to this online course!

“As one of the initial testers of the Way of the Learner Comprehensive System, I am so excited to see Ben moving forward with this program! As a lifelong student and accounting/finance professional, I highly recommend this course. I personally tested it in my Master’s Level Finance studies through the The College for Financial Planning, and assure you that WOTL students will find themselves more attentive, and able and ready to quickly net down information for absorption and application–a critical life skill.” Benjamin Paulding

“Having tested previous versions, I wish I had this program years ago! Ben has had a long-time passion for learning how to learn, and that is exactly what this course helps with. I remember him talking about this 5 years ago at the start of my bachelors. And now as I get ready to finish my doctorate in natural medicine, I can see how much his enthusiasm has aided my own educational goals and excellence.” Weston Holzinger


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