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Top Six Best Platforms To Take An Online Course

Top Six Best Platforms To Take An Online Course

Do you aspire to pick a new skill but feel you do not have the time to take it?

Do you wish to return to school but want to brush up on your fundamentals with some elementary courses beforehand?

Do you hope to change your career and opt for something more rewarding?

Well, we have a one-shot solution to all your problems – Why do you not consider enrolling in an online class? There are multiple pros associated with online learning. They are self-regulated, shorter than semester classes, and you can find a course on any skill, hobby, topic, or subject you want.


Of course, the pros are plenty, but the problem is there is often a humongous variety of online learning sessions available on the web, and each claims to be the best. We will not get into the details of how you must select the right course but will provide you with some top-site suggestions.


These are all reliable and authentic websites. If you take an online class with them, chances of top-notch learning are high.


So, let us get started and address some top platforms to find the best online course.




Udemy is one of the top platforms for finding the most popular and the best courses. Studies suggest that they have over 130K online classes in their database. Further, they have an extensive student base of over 35 million people globally.


Even though they do not offer the best free online certification courses, they have multiple certificate courses, but you will have to bear a small fee. Of course, you can find free classes, but they will not bag you a certification.


Their certificate holds value, and you can download and print it to boost your chances of landing the desired job or share it on your LinkedIn to amplify your hiring chances.


On Udemy, you can find courses across all possible categories. Some of their most popular offerings are from the below-listed disciplines:


  1. IT and Software
  2. Development
  3. Photography
  4. Design
  5. Music
  6. Business
  7. Personal Development
  8. Marketing


What’s more? Udemy has one of the most pocket-friendly courses. Each of their paid courses comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


So, if you do not like the course offerings, you can complain to the providers, and they will issue you a full refund.




Coursera is one of the top learning platforms offering online courses from recognized universities globally. They offer pre-recorded sessions. So, you can enjoy learning at your pace at the time and schedule that works best for you.


Coursera collaborates with some top universities, allowing you to get a specialization degree or masters. They offer guided projects and university courses sans any hassle.


On the platform, you can find both paid and free classes. The former comes with a certification, but you can also find free sessions from accredited institutions. TangoLearn has some of the best Coursera course suggestions for an intuitive learning experience.




MasterClass is another one of the top platforms offering online classes. Some of the world’s most recognized and reputed celebs offer their sessions. You can find a host of offerings on their platform, ranging from well-being to science, meditation, gardening, piano learning, and cooking.


Some top instructors associated with MasterClass are Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Margaret Atwood, Bill Clinton, and Samuel L Jackson, amongst others.


The popularity of MasterClass is accredited to the platform’s ability to give you access to some of the top online course websites. They have over 100-course offerings, ranging from acting to business and photography.


An exciting feature about MasterClass courses is that they are premium quality, bite-sized lessons that are easy to grasp. You can stream their classes on your computer, TV, laptop, tablet, or phone. All sessions have video lectures, interactively designed tasks, class workbooks, activities, exercises, and more. You will have to submit your assignments to the instructor for one-to-one evaluation and feedback at regular intervals.




On Alison, you can find several free sessions presented by experts from the field. Entrepreneurs and educators are behind most of their course offerings. A few top companies also sponsor some of their lessons and aid with specific projects like applying for some exams and certifications.


You can find Alison’s classes in various categories like marketing, health, humanities, marketing, business, science, and technology. Even though most Alison sessions are free, a few advanced ones are paid.


So, you can take the no-cost classes to establish the groundwork and then pursue a diploma elsewhere.




edX is one of the top-loved platforms because it collaborates with institutions like MIT and Harvard. It is the only non-profit and MOOC provider that works with over 130 partners like Brown University, Georgetown University, Dartmouth, and Brown University, to name a few. You can pick from their micro Master’s programs or the online Master’s degree with several professional certificates.


Broadly, edX offers free courses, but the free versions do not give you graded assignments or certifications. So, for that, you will have to pay a price.


Khan Academy


Khan Academy partners with several post-secondary schools and provides the learners with a well-organized and useable interface. The platform has together curated several sessions from around the web and offers an impressive depth on almost every course or discipline you can think of.


As one of the most student-friendly websites, Khan Academy makes it easier for students to materialize their learning goals. So, if you seek a free online learning platform, Khan Academy can be one of the top choices.


So, these are the top six platforms for the best online learning classes. It is an inclusive list, and there are several more providers that you can add here. Regardless, the above-listed six are our top choices, and you cannot go wrong with them. Also if looking for high paying IT certifications, check the link out for more.


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