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Trello for Beginners

Trello for Beginners

Price: $19.99

Are you looking for a great project management tool that can take your organization skills to new levels?

Would you like to learn Trello essentials in a creative way to get up & running on Trello quickly?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this course is for YOU!

This course is for beginners that are looking for a fun & engaging way to learn Trello foundational skills to help you get started quickly using Trello for your own projects. In addition to learning a new skill, you will also learn how to leverage Trello’s technology to create a digital vision board.

Not only is this course packed with great tips, but it also includes a supporting demo for each new skill that you will learn. You can take this course at your own pace. Play & pause the demos so that you can follow along while also taking the action steps in your own browser as well.

This course includes:

  • Creating a Trello Board

  • Public vs. Private Trello Boards

  • Trello Board: Teams

  • Trello Lists & Cards

  • Images & Labels in Trello

  • Trello Board: Watch Feature

  • Due Dates & Checklists

  • Search/Filter

  • Power-Ups

The project planning & organizational uses of Trello are endless!

Don’t wait any longer. Go ahead & click the button to enroll in this course – You will enjoy it.

I’m excited to guide you as you learn Trello!


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