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Triple Your Career Confidence & Get a Raise!

Triple Your Career Confidence & Get a Raise!

Price: $29.99

Are you feeling stuck in your career because you lack confidence? Is your self-doubt causing you to lose out on projects, promotions or possibilities?

The Business Academy for Women will teach you practical strategies, techniques and methods for building your career confidence.

The course videos and workbook draw on years of career experience from successful women and men and combine it with positive psychology and neuroscience.

You get tested strategies, combined with the “woo woo.”

In this course, you will learn:

  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods For Succeeding

  • How To Set SMART Career Goals and Achieve Them

  • The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Asking For a Raise

  • How to Deal with Conflict and Advocate for Yourself

  • Strategies to Develop Self-Confidence and Success

  • Plus, Over 20+ More Topics!

Testimonials from students!

Hannah T. – Sales Professional

Kimberly has given me the tools to overcome self-doubt! There is so much valuable information in this course for women seeking help with confidence, conflict and imposter syndrome. Informative and spiritual!

Leanne S. – UX Designer

It’s about time there was a good course for women with careers. So many of us spend time trying to “figure it out” alone, never seeking the proper support and often fumbling. This course delivered the exact steps to getting a raise and I asked my boss this year for a 10% pay rise and got it! Well worth the investment!

Laura M. – Business Analyst

I loved taking this course. The information was so practical and helped me to find a mentor and create a supportive environment in business. I didn’t realize how much I was missing before watching these videos! The workbook helped me apply lessons to my own situation and I am way more self-aware! I highly recommend you take this course!

Sarah R.- Business Development Manager

This is NOT a dry, corporate course! This course is equal parts motivational and educational. There were so many AHA! moments and sections where I realized so many things about myself. This course really served me some TRUTH!

Testimonials from CEO’s and Managers Interviewed for this Course (On Getting a Raise!)

“The way they deliver is important. They need to feel confident that they desire it because if they don’t believe it, how can they expect me?”

Peter Ruggiero – Branch Manager, Regional Sales Manager

“She needs to be composed, logical, reasonable and articulate a provide a compelling rationale.”

Brad Howell – CEO, GFI

“Man or woman, I like to hear a LOGICAL argument.”

Anthony Robson – CEO, Yieldbroker

“I think it takes some confidence to ask that question.”

Etienne Alexiou – Co-Founder Belay Capital

“In the meeting, I want to know that the person has prepared enough information to demonstrate their individual achievements and value as well as the value they have added to the team and company as a whole.”

Kevin Parton – IG Wealth Management


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