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Twisting Balloon Sculptures-an Introductory Course

Twisting Balloon Sculptures-an Introductory Course

Price: $19.99

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to quickly create many fun balloon sculptures along with patter, jokes and funny routines.

Dan will show you how, where and what to get the resources for twisting balloons.

He will demonstrate, through lecture and additional resources, how to inflate and tie off sculpting balloons, make the Dog, add a poofy tail (with jokes and patter,) the Pirate and Three Musketeer swords (with jokes, patter and bits,) the Mouse (plus jokes and tips,) the Figure 9, Tulip and Mr. Hand (with jokes, tips and skits,) a Flower (plus ideas on how to use it,) an Airplane (with a pilot!!) and more!


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