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Using Scrum to Complete Projects in your Client’s Budget

Using Scrum to Complete Projects in your Client’s Budget

Price: $89.99

This course covers a multitude of topics from what scrum is from a definition standpoint to how it stacks up to Waterfall as well as other Agile methodologies. Throughout the lectures, you will see definitions, key terms and gain access to downloadable resources and external links.

The first section of this course talks about what Scrum is, who the core roles are, how the core roles differ from non-core roles and how to resolve conflict amongst all team members.

In the next area of the course, you will learn about the six Scrum Principles and how they are helpful in managing time throughout the lifecycle of the project. These six Principles include Empirical Process Control, Self-Organization, Collaboration, Value-Based Prioritization, Time-Boxing and Iterative Development.

Then, we will cover the five Aspects of Scrum projects. These tell how the team members should respond and be structure. The five Aspects include Organization, Business Justification, Quality, Change and Risk.

In the second half of the course, you will be introduced to the five Phases that each project undergoes from Initiate to Release. In these five Phases, there are a total of nineteen Processes. There are at least two Processes in each Phase. The Processes all progress from Project Vision Statement to the Retrospect Project events and activities.

At the end of the course, we will take a look at how Scrum measures up against other methodologies, including Waterfall, TDD, Crystal and more.

It is our hope that you truly enjoy this course and have huge success in your profession.


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