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Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success #1

Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success #1

Price: $19.99

Building Your Foundation

Verbal Aikido training is the most powerful, quick and cost effective way to enhance interpersonal relationships, increase team engagement and create a modern team culture.

This is it….. the first of seven Modules of James MacNeil’s Verbal Aikido series called Mastering Communications for Ultimate Networking Success.

These videos are designed to build the trust and confidence required in order to manage the new demands of today’s organizations focusing on Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and Businesses.

  • How would you like it if everyone who interacts with you feels safe and respected?
  • How would you like to build a team of thousands and learn how to draw the genius out of your team to create more leaders?
  • How would you like to master communications, provide a calm confidence and presence and bring trust to your future business partners?
  • How would you like to enjoy enriched interpersonal relations with your teammates and with those you interact daily?
  • How would you like to command the stage, to preform presentations whether in front of small groups or in front of thousands?
  • How would you like to multiply your currents sells?

In Module 1 – Building Your Foundation: we will be focused on the following:

  • Introduction to Aikido and the science of communication
  • Learn the secrets to the kingdom, resulting in ultimate success
  • Create easy, natural and organic communication in all areas of life
  • Never again feel intimidated
  • Learn to have power under control and communicate honestly, opening and directly
  • Control self, manage interactions and earn the right influence others
  • Learn how to be fully present in all interactions
  • Discover your driving passion and how to create true rapport to excel your success
  • Uncover your core motivation/drive/mission to excel in your business
  • Rapport is central to everything. Gain insight in how to establish instant rapport
  • Learn how to attract people to you and your business!
  • Understand how to build incredible relationships that will stand the test of time
  • Gain insight to the most powerful research/science behind our ego makeups and understand how they interact with each other to enhance or detract from communication
  • Understand how to encourage prospects to make an informed decision in their own best interest
  • Become comfortable with the word ‘No’ – hearing it & saying it while maintaining the relationship
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of psychological air (What is it? Why is it important? How can I benefit from understanding it?)

Mastering Communication for Ultimate Network Success” is a powerful communications and business leadership training course focused on rapidly growing your organization and maximize profits. The non-confrontational philosophy of Aikido prepares anyone to stay grounded, mentally ready and able to handle any situation or interaction regardless of the circumstances to remain empowered and in control.


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