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Video Editing complete course | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

Video Editing complete course | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

Price: $24.99

Whether you want to learn how to edit videos for youtube and the latest social media platforms, or start your video editing career, or simply you want to revise your knowledge of this amazing software, this ultimate and complete Video Editing Course for beginners built with and for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 CC is what you are looking for.

The course includes more than 14 hours of video content, spread on 18 sections and 115 lectures. Everything you need to know to start with Premiere Pro and to start editing is here.


“This is the course I was waiting for: I am used to other videoediting systems (like Avid for example) and I have been trying to learn Adobe Premiere for years (last January I made another trial) but no course could nail the information in my head, until now! Mariano’s course is excellent: it’s easy to follow and covers all the necessary aspects of the videoediting, including the initial settings and the organisation of the workflow. It’s fab that the material for the exercises is included too! Mariano is a very nice and likeable instructor with a good sense of humour, the lessons are well paced and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to any beginner as well as to professionals like me who find difficult to make the leap to Adobe Premiere.” by Cristina Pavesi


You’ll learn the whole professional video editing process, including how to create and organise projects, how to edit, apply effects and transitions, how to mix your audio, to colour correct and colour grade the video, how to add captions and how to export your final product for the online platforms in different aspect ratios. And of course, we’ll cover the most useful keyboard shortcuts.


We’ll work together on a different project for each section, with different types of footage (all provided) including mini docs, interviews, travel vlogs and sports videos. This will give you the ability to learn different editing styles and to be flexible in your workflow.

At the end of each chapter you will also find a quiz and an exercise to complete on your own. But do not worry, you will also find an exercise review where I complete the same exercise so that you’ll be able to double check your work.

We’ll wrap up the course with a final exercise that will revise all the skills learned.


Once you’ll have completed the course, you’ll be able to create a video project on your own, from start to end, with professional standards! Enrol now and let’s start learning and practicing.

PS: This course was built on Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 of Creative Cloud, Version 14.0.0 and 14.3.0 on a Mac Computer and it is suitable for Windows users too.

For Windows users

If, when importing the material into Premiere Pro, you see some warning board about “._.DS.Store”, just keep pressing “OK” and ignore all the files named “._.DS.Store”, “.DS.Store” and also the video files starting with “._”

These are only files of reference not needed to follow the course normally.


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