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Voice-Over Training: Advanced Voice-Over Techniques and Tips

Voice-Over Training: Advanced Voice-Over Techniques and Tips

Price: $89.99

Have you ever felt frustrated having set yourself up as a voiceover artist, also invested in decent home recording equipment, but finding very little voice work coming in? You know you have a good voice and a basic understanding of performance and recording techniques, but you really would like to boost your success? Would you like to learn the insider secrets of the Voiceover Masterclass team, knowing how to beat the competition and play the field to the maximum efficiency?

Are you spending ages editing when you wish you knew faster ways to get recordings done and invoiced?

And how about the best ways to deal with clients who are often annoying to work with and don’t understand the needs of the voice artist?!

Imagine having 40 years of professional voiceover experience in an easy to follow video based course to help you get on the fast-track to success!

Presented and written by veteran voice actor Peter Baker, here are all the things you won’t learn from books or YouTube videos about all the sometime small but incredibly important things to boost your voiceover career to the next level.

– Learn the only four times a voice artist’s mouth should be closed, and why.

– How never to lose audition files again when weeks later the client needs a read just like it urgently!

-How to find production companies that very few other voice artists think of targeting to get work.

-Why the generally considered “best” way to deal with pickups in recording is actually the worst and will waste you time!

-The main reason why voiceovers in their first directed session with a client don’t get asked again.

-How to fully understand “difficult” clients may offer a far better outcome than just getting angry with them!

-The main reason why voiceovers fail to invoice for jobs.

-The ways you can “future-proof” yourself against the threat of AI “computer voices” taking over our work

-The main ways you can speed up your editing considerably over and above the obvious keyboard short cuts.

-A huge tip to save both you and the client’s time when you need to ask for a pronunciation guide.

-How you can vastly increase your “hire-ability” in the voice market.

-The best ways to tackle voice fatigue in the booth.

– And so much more…

With 25,500+ students, a consistent rating of 4.5 out of 5-star reviews and THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews.. you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands with a course from VoiceoverMasterclass!

About the Instructor:

Peter Baker (Writer and main presenter) has a Voice Actor for over 40 years, with hundreds of game, animation and audiobook credits and thousands of jobs for TV and radio commercials and promos for clients round the world. Peter is the author and presenter of many best-selling courses on Udemy and other platforms, featuring voice improvement, the voiceover business, presentation techniques for video, business writing, freelance working and corporate conference presentation

By the end of this course…

You will have so much more ammunition in your arsenal to win more auditions, be more organised in your voice studio, build stronger bonds with your clients and to boost your income.

Includes the “10 Commandments” of client etiquette, Top 10 Advanced Voiceover Tips, an invoicing template, and a full word-for-word transcript of all the videos as a downloadable PDF file.

So, are YOU excited about taking your voiceover or voice acting skills and business to the next level

If you’re ready to get started — then sign up to this new course today! No other course offers the same learning style, actionable steps and real-world examples that you’ll find here!

(Don’t forget Udemy offers a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee – so there’s no risk involved if it’s not for you).

Thank you for your time!


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