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VoiceQ Training for Directors

VoiceQ Training for Directors

Price: $19.99

What is the Director’s Role?

  1. Audio post teams usually consist of a director, talent, engineer and producer.

  2. Before the session, the director usually goes through the material and marks places on the script that could be an issue and points them out before recording.

  3. The producer is briefed on the project and expectations and he or she “runs” the session with the director.

  4. The talent is the person who is performing the voice-over.

  5. The director is in charge of the script, makes sure that the brief is clear to the talent and engineer, and translates the interaction between producer and/or client and the talent, in case the talent doesn’t speak or understand the respective languages.

  6. The director role can be amplified with a solid understanding of audio post technology like Pro Tools, VoiceQ, etc.

  7. The director makes sure that the talent reads properly, with correct intonation, pronunciation, articulation of certain words and proper names, and maintains the style of the original language.

  8. The director will also suggest copy changes, correct the talent if they make a mistake, and make suggestions on how to re-read a section in case the producer or client wants a different read.

  9. The director is there to guarantee the quality of the voice-over, as he or she is familiar with the original language.

  10. The group works together as a team to produce high-quality dubbing whether that be for feature films, corporate training videos, promotional materials, educational series, etc…

What is VoiceQ?

VoiceQ is a full suite of native and cloud applications used for media localization including Automated Digital Replacement (ADR), Audio Description (AD), Lip Sync Dubbing, Closed Captioning (CC), and VoiceOver (VO).

VoiceQ raises the bar on accessibility, efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

  1. All applications can be used individually, combined or integrated with existing proprietary workflows and systems.

  2. VoiceQ enables faster recording speed and flexibility so the director can focus on what it really matters – the voice talent performance.

  3. VoiceQ’s feature set enables fast script and music adaptation while synchronizing the text and lyrics according to each scene.

  4. VoiceQ enables facility-based, hybrid or 100% remote delivery and quality control of OTT | SVOD level projects.

  5. VoiceQ makes recruitment, training, and retention more engaging and effective.

  6. VoiceQ supports all users running macOS 10.9 and beyond.

  7. VoiceQ produces outstanding results with the delivery of 10,000 – 30,000 minutes per annum of ADR, AD, Dubbing, and VO with annual revenues of USD $900K – USD $4.8M and gross margins of 10-30%.


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