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WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Price: $49.99

WeChat is a very powerful tool. It has at least 28 unique useful functions that Whatsapp and Facebook don’t have.

Why are people not using WeChat as much as Whatsapp?

Lack of friends on WeChat?

*People from China only use WeChat* So if you want to connect with them, you have no choice but to use WeChat.

Don’t know Chinese? WeChat can now translate 21 languages including all messages, moments posts and even news!

And voice translation too!

WeChat Moments work like Facebook newsfeeds, you can post anything you like, including 9 photos and videos within 10 seconds.

With WeChat Groupchats, you can set up video conference for up to 9 people free-of-charge!

Now you too can learn WeChat and become a pro! Come and join our Udemy on-learning of *WECHAT DIGITAL MARKETING*. Contents covered include:

  1. Using WhatsApp for Marketing: the 5 Ways: Status, Group Broadcast, 1-minute Videos, Personal Messages and Group Chats
  2. The Do’s and Don’ts of sending messages on WhatsApp and WeChat: how to attract, not distract people
  3. WeChat as a superapp and its 5 limitations
  4. The 8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat
  5. The 28 useful Functions of WeChat that WhatsApp does not have
  6. How to create Moments that people will follow
  7. How to do broadcast to more than 5,000 people daily FOC
  8. Steps to open WeChat Wallet in Singapore without opening a bank account in China
  9. How to use WeChat Pay to give out Red Packets and Transfer Money (on the spot)
  10. How to Add in people that you don’t know as friends and market to them immediately
  11. The 12 Ways to Advertise on WeChat without paying US$20,000 to Tencent
  12. WeChat Official Account: what it does and how to create one yourself FOC


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