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What Happens to you After you Die?

What Happens to you After you Die?

Price: $19.99

This course summaries numerous conversations between my friend and a spirit. These sessions began on a more personal level and overtime a very specific picture about life and death began to emerge.

This course may open a door for you into a whole new world of existence and might dissolve the fear of death from your life.

This course will answer some interesting questions such as:

What happens after you die?

Does Heaven exist?

Does Hell exist?

How is life in Heaven?

What is our purpose on earth?

What happens to “bad people” after they die?

Does prayer work?

Who or what is God?

What are ghosts exactly?

How are extraterrestrial beings connected to all of this?

And much more.

Awesome in a box. CAUTION: Awesomeness levels may exceed standard levels. Viewer discretion is advised.


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