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Win at Getting Coaching Vol 1 – The Skill Investing Mindset

Win at Getting Coaching Vol 1 – The Skill Investing Mindset

Price: $89.99

Investing in a coaching program is one of the biggest decisions, financially, you will ever make.

There are the huge decisions, like buying a house and deciding on a career or a life partner.

The level below that, the big decision, like buying a car, investing in a coach, finding a mentor, choosing the right friends, etc, these are all decisions that will have a massive impact on your life.

As an accelerated learner, one of your biggest decisions is always WHO to learn from.

And in those most important areas of your life, your career, your business…hiring a coach and potentially spending thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands…is a big decision that must be made intelligently.

If you take a big swing…and miss…you are potentially throwing away 4 or 5 figures on a coaching experience that will not have any lasting impact on your life, and cost you not just in money but in time.

On the flip side, if you find the right person, you do your due diligence and you make a sound investment…that one coaching relationship can pay off in spades for the rest of your life.

It can be the beginning of a new chapter, an inflection point where your life is never the same from that point on.

This course takes you through how to make your initial decision about how much developing a skill is worth (to you, specifically, and over the length of time that makes sense for you) and how much you should invest to develop that skill.

This course is part of a course series that will help you maximize your performance in every area of coaching, from skill investing through initiating a coaching relationship, getting the most out of your relationship and becoming a top student.

From my experience coaching over the years, I have found that most people only get a fraction of what they could be getting out of their coaching relationship. I have designed my own coaching program to help “bake in” a lot of the best practices I teach about how to get coaching, but most coaches do not follow (or even know about) these best practices and therefore it is your responsibility as the coaching client/student to adopt these best practices for yourself and give yourself structure even if you coach doesn’t provide.

If you see the value of coaching but you want to make sure you get the most out of each coaching session and each coaching program you enroll in, this course, and this course series, is the one for you.

See you on the inside,



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