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Windows 10 Support Specialist + FREE book + Certificate

Windows 10 Support Specialist + FREE book + Certificate

Price: $24.99

Get a good paying IT job now!

Although some tech support companies will hire unskilled employees, my course will ensure that you stand out above all the other job seekers by teaching you, step-by-step, how to fix the 50 most common Windows 10 and Office 365 issues, and even some phone application troubleshooting. This will do two things: Allow you to help users more efficiently and with greater confidence AND to get a job as an IT support technician more easily because you will know how to solve those problems. This course includes:

  • Best practices for assisting users

  • A FREE pdf copy of my book “Perfect Help Desk” (also available on Amazon)

  • Certificate of completion

Listen, learn, and practice on your own, and get a job as a Tier-1 thru Tier-3 technical support specialist.

Use this coupon code: NEWCAREERNOW to save 50% on this course until May 8, 2021.

Contents of this course:

The Riley Method best practices

1 Preface. Key Windows 10 Paths (w/screenshots)

3 Chapter 1. General hardware issues

15 Chapter 2. Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe issues

24 Chapter 3. Cleaning

27 Chapter 4. Internet / Network issues

32 Chapter 5. Internal login and access

37 Chapter 6. Make your own Windows 10 repair tools

48 Chapter 7. Best Windows 10 fixes

By the way, this course (and my book) are also useful if you want to be able to solve your own Windows 10 issues. My book might also be a nice and useful gift for yourself or a family member who would like to understand the Windows 10 environment better and allow them to resolve issues on their own.


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