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Women’s Guide to Mindful Influence and Persuasion

Women’s Guide to Mindful Influence and Persuasion

Price: Free

Influential and trailblazing leaders are authentic, integral, and realistic. And they possess solid understanding of how their emotions and actions affect their lives and the people around them. They also trust their intuition.

This class is about embracing your emotional and intuitive gifts to positively impact your life and the lives of others. It’s about connecting, caring, loving, being yourself and standing your ground without suppressing your divinity, your inner voice, personal power, true feelings and desires.

Personally, I am all about women empowerment and embracing our sacred femininity. I consider women to be the natural healers, nurtures, care-takers, the lovers, the givers and the emotional providers of the world. We are stronger than we think and powerful beyond any programmed, perceived or self-imposed limitation. The emotional qualities some may consider as our weaknesses, are actually our strongest assets, and I am sharing with you how to harness your authentic energy, your compassion, kindness and emotional fluidy along with your smarts and intellectual wits to build the life of your dreams.

Metaphysically speaking, just like moon cycles or lunar tides, our female emotions fluctuates in direct correlation with our inner balance, our self-perception, our strength and the circumstances or forces influencing it. It’s to our benefit to learn more about ourselves and how to manage our emotional alchemy and its effects in others. Emotional intelligence is a tool of power, and must be taken seriously.

Generally, when we talk about women empowerment we seem to automatically refer to gender equality, #metoo movements, reproduction rights, equal pay, giving women access to opportunities, opening doors, raising standards, shattering glass ceilings, and overcoming gender socialization – which are powerful and very valid topics and concerns – but we often disregard or forget about the most essential part of female empowerment, and that is cultivating our mindset, so we can confidently trust our intuition, build our self-esteem, vanish the self-defeating voices, validate our confidence and embrace our emotional power.

Mindful influence and persuasion starts from within. Allow yourself to be the candid messenger, the force of nature and fierce phoenix that you are.


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