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WordPress | Step by Step | Hostinger | Elementor | Astra

WordPress | Step by Step | Hostinger | Elementor | Astra

Price: $24.99

Create a website without coding. Minimal costs. Learn to create pages and get paid for it. Promote business on the Internet using your website. Learn to manage a website.

– I’ll show you how to buy a hosting and a domain;

– We will import a ready page from the Astra repository;

– You will understand the operation of the administration panel;

– You’ll build a project page, an advertising page for your courses on Udemy, and a contact page;

– You will customize the website for mobile devices;


CMS WordPress is the most popular web content management system. Thanks to plugin functionality, you can create simple advertising pages, blog pages, and even online stores and platforms for online courses.

In this training, I will show you the basic functionalities of WordPress and we will create a project that we will place on the Internet.

I don’t know a faster way to create a website. Of course, the site can be coded using technologies such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, Java Script, Vue, React, Angular. However, it will take much longer. If you just need a website and you don’t want to become a programmer, I recommend CMS WordPress. Save time and money. For more advanced applications, you will need the help of programmers.


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