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Workshop Facilitation Masterclass

Workshop Facilitation Masterclass

Price: $59.99

In this short course, experienced consultant and workshop facilitator Gareth Kane will show you all the tricks of the trade in facilitating really great workshops which deliver results. Gareth is an experienced consultant who has found the workshop is the most powerful tool in his toolbox as it not only leads to better decisions, but gains buy-in for the implementation of those decision.

Course contents include:

  • Harnessing the power of the workshop.

  • Tools of the trade – including our secret workshop weapon.

  • Workshop structures – including examples of problem solving, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning.

  • Planning your workshop – the beginning, the middle and the end.

  • Avoiding difficult situations – and dealing with them when they do occur.

* New* due to popular demand, we have added a bonus lecture:

  • Facilitating virtual workshops (we use Zoom as an example platform).

The course is studded with pro-tips, lessons that Gareth has learnt on the road, delivering more than 100 workshops with some of the biggest companies and organisations in the world.

The course consists of 75 minutes of videos and, including exercises, will take about 105 minutes to complete. You will get a workbook to apply the learning to your own situation and will end up with your own workshop plan. You need no prior knowledge or experience to take the course.

So join us, and learn how, with just some sheets of paper and pens, you can help people make really great decisions – decisions they will actually implement.

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