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Writing Your Fantasy Novel

Writing Your Fantasy Novel

Price: $99.99

As a fantasy writer, you want to build a fascinating world for your story, create unforgettable characters, and weave together a captivating plot.

Overall you want to tell a story that enchants your readers, a story your readers will want to come back to again and again.

My aim is to help you create that story. By the end of this course, you will have done all the foundational work you need for writing and finishing your fantasy novel.

I’m Jason Link, the author of the Legender series, an epic adventure that Publishers Weekly calls a grand fairytale.

For the last 20 years I’ve been practicing the art of storytelling and fantasy writing, and in this course, I share with you the insights I’ve gained on that journey.

I’ve designed this course to follow a logical flow. We will cover:

  • Situating you into the writer’s life so you can get your writing done

  • Building a world for your story

  • Developing memorable characters

  • Structuring your story and writing your story’s outline

  • Forming a healthy relationship between your storytelling and world building

By the end of this course, you will have done all the foundational work you need for writing and finishing your fantasy novel.

Praise for Jason’s course “Writing Great Fantasy: World Building Workshop”:

  • “I really enjoy the course. I order many story writing courses and this is the best! Really comprehensive!”

  • I highly recommend the course to all those who wish to learn the craft of world building for writing great fantasy….The course helped me immensely to achieve that in addition to benefiting me as a learner. The course offers amazing content and is structured excellently.”

  • “Even early on in the course, it’s clear that my expectations will be met and then surpassed. Extremely helpful and engaging!

  • Love it! This course is helping me test the levels of my creativity, challenging me to try new things and to really think about my world’s lore and history.”

  • “The way Jason guides you to build your world makes it seem so simple as the entire process is broken down into small and manageable tasks. I have taken a lot of notes and will keep re-visiting this course, again and again, to ensure I am not missing out on any point. Thanks a lot Jason for a wonderfully well-crafted course.”

Praise for Jason Link’s work:

  • This book is an incredible epic fantasy. Well written, interesting, and with believable characters, it sucks you in from the first page.”

  • Fantasy as its best.

  • “Perhaps the best part of reading was that feeling you get when you are immersed into a different world, which is exactly what Link has built. There are cultures, geographies, languages, and creatures that come together to make a fun yet deeply sophisticated world. In this way, The Legender reminded me of the greats like Tolkien.”

  • A new world on par with Tolkien.

  • “Jason Link has a gift for not only creating a captivating new world, filled with creatures and cultural practices a reader has never thought of, but also maintaining a consistent and believable voice throughout the twists and turns of the story.”

Do you wish readers to have a similar reaction to your story?

If so, join me in this course so I can show you how to write a novel that will enchant your readers–a story your readers will want to get lost in again and again.

Check out the free previews to get a sample of what you’ll learn and then enroll to get started on your fantasy novel today!


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