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Xwiki – An open source, self hosted Confluence

Xwiki – An open source, self hosted Confluence

Price: $79.99

Having been a paid EverNote user for years, we looked into other ways you could store and save content we came across Atlassian Confluence used in enterprises.

XWIKI sits as the perfect replacement for Atlassian Confluence and the course will teach you to install XWIKI in your Home and office environment to have an Atlassian Confluence-like environment.

This will be a game-changer in the way you document and control your data either on your premises or at home rather than using old-fashioned note-taking products like Microsoft OneNote with absolutely no paid subscriptions for a lifetime.

This product once deployed will be a true game-changer in the way you have stored and managed your content properly.
Learn, Deploy and manage Xwiki with ease. The course has been curated in such a way that an average home user can easily install the product quickly with just a command at the click of a button.

Being in a corporate world you may have heard or come across a product called Atlassian Confluence. If you ever wondered how you would love to deploy and manage a Confluence-like enviornment in your home space or office space free of charge this course perfectly sits in right balance to understand all that hard bits.


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