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Young Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Conflict

Young Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Conflict

Price: $24.99

Conflict is as much a part of life as breathing is, and people from all walks of life experience it.

This course was designed based on the research of psychologists and sociologists that will provide you with the best techniques to manage conflict in your personal or professional life. Whether you are in a romantic relationship where the arguments can be about small things such as who’s turn it is to cook, or you are a manager who constantly needs to put out fires at work among your staff, this course promises to explain conflict, from the what to the why and how to deal with it.

The approach we use in this course is unique, as we believe in the philosophy of giving a man a fish he eats for a day and teaching a man to fish, so he can eat for life. Not only will this course provide you with excellent theoretical background knowledge and the best proven method of managing conflict, it also takes it a step further by providing you with real world scenarios of conflict where you can apply the methods we teach you to resolve the conflict.

If more people can manage conflict successfully, we imagine the world will certainly be a better place.

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