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Your Path To Writing a Page-Turner

Your Path To Writing a Page-Turner

Price: $89.99

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to learn how to create a captivating novel — in any genre — and gain the confidence that “Yes, I can do this!”

If you’re at the beginning of your writing journey, you’ll find inspiration and a clear path forward.

If you’re an emerging writer, you’ll discover empowering skills to move up from “writer” to “author.”

If you’re a seasoned writer, you’ll learn how to boost your writing to the level of the bestsellers.

“Outstanding course content. Highly motivating and brilliantly presented.” – Irving S., Udemy Student

“To fulfill my dream of being published, this course gave me a deep inside view of how to better my writing.” – Myra W., Udemy Student

“Wonderful insights. Engaging and inspiring. This is an excellent course!” – Michele W., Udemy Student

Create the Kind of Novel that Excites Publishers and Thrills Readers. A Page-Turner.

Enjoy learning successful techniques of writing craft from an award-winning author whose novels have topped sales of over half a million copies.

You will finish this course with a deep understanding of how to develop, focus, and enrich your story, and the confidence and skills to complete the book.

The video lectures are packed with 4.5 hours of instruction, insights, and inspiration covering the essential skills for creating a compelling novel — all presented with entertaining examples from popular books and movies.

· Learn what agents and publishers really look for in a manuscript

· Master the essentials of story structure, from Inciting Incident to Climax

· Discover how to create a “storyline” — and why you need one

· Harness the power of “deep character”

· Maximize the energy of dynamic dialogue

· Understand the options in choosing the right point-of-view for your story

· Get practical advice on how to query agents and get published

Learn how to craft a novel that leaves readers saying, “I couldn’t put it down!”

Ready to take your writing to the next level? These are the topics of the video lectures. Each one focuses on an essential aspect of writing craft. Together they cover the key elements of all compelling fiction:

· Anatomy of a Page-Turner

· Words: The Pulse on the Page

· Storylining: Building Your Book from Outline to Final Draft

· Characters: Inventing Lives

· Deep Character: Creating the Compelling Protagonist

· Making an Entrance: Spotlighting Your Main Character’s First Appearance

· Essentials of Story Structure: Hook, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Reversals, Climax

· The Art of Crafting Dialogue: Subtext, Functions, Common Errors

· Scene Stealers: Secrets to Creating Powerful Scenes

· POV: Whose Story Is It?

· Setting: Your Characters’ World

· Getting Published: How to Write a Successful Query

· What Makes a Book Marketable?

Plus, you’ll get these unique downloadable resources:

· 12 “Practice Like a Pro” exercises, each one focusing on an essential element of writing craft

· A handy “how-to” of correct manuscript format for submitting your manuscript to publishers

· “Top 10 Picks”: recommendations of the 10 best books about writing

Imagine this. Completing your novel and celebrating, because you know it’s the kind of book that can win an offer from a major publisher. There’s no satisfaction like that.

This course is right for you if:

· You’ve got story ideas but need help getting organized.

· You love writing, but fear you may not “have what it takes” to succeed.

· You feel you’re toiling alone, without the expert guidance needed to achieve your writing goals.

· You struggle to find time to write while juggling work and family commitments, so you’d benefit from a focused course to keep you on track.

· You want to identify possible weaknesses in your writing, with a plan for turning them into strengths.

· You feel energized by learning from a pro who respects your desire to grow as a writer and succeed.

So, who is your teacher?

I’m an award-winning author. Creating engaging characters and crafting compelling plots is what I do for a living. My books — historical novels and thrillers — have been published by major New York publishers to wide acclaim, and over half a million copies have been sold worldwide. I also co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film “Saving Dinah.” I’m represented by Writers House, one of the largest literary agencies in the world.

So I speak to you as writer to writer, teaching the techniques you need to craft a book that can compete in the marketplace. I know what agents and publishers are looking for, what they want — and don’t want.

Praise for my novels:

“Riveting Tudor drama” — USA Today

“A classic historical novel – sweeping, gritty and realistic.” Historical Novel Society

“A haunting thriller…Kyle keeps the cinematic action scenes and nail-biting suspense rolling throughout.” Publishers Weekly

“Wonderfully intelligent, highly readable, and thoroughly entertaining.” — New York Times best-selling author Heather Graham

Kyle is a master at her craft.” — RT Book Reviews

Praise for my book for writers, Page-Turner: Your Path To Writing A Novel That Publishers Want And Readers Buy:

“Kyle breaks down both the art and the craft of writing in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand.” — #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

Brings alive almost every tough issue a writer of fiction must confront…friendly and fun to read.”Albert Zuckerman, Writers House literary agency

“Page-Turner is the quintessential book for writing that breakout novel” — Goodreads

I’m an acclaimed writing coach and a frequent presenter at international writers’ conferences. Through my master classes and online programs I’ve launched many writers on the path to success, and nothing makes me happier than cheering the publication of their books:

Barbara’s wise words constantly guide my way.”Bestselling mystery author Robert Rotenberg

I am forever grateful for Barbara’s wise, pragmatic, and gracious mentoring.”Debut novelist Christine Higdon

“Barbara, what a tremendously positive impact you had. Can’t thank you enough.” Award- winning historical novelist Bruce Gardner

“If you are looking for a writing mentor, Barbara Kyle would be at the top of my list.” Urban fantasy writer T.K. Thorne

A fabulously productive investment. Thank you.”Debut author H.M. Miller

“Working with Barbara is like having a secret weapon in your writing arsenal.” Award -winning author Nancy Raven Smith

“Barbara, your course helped me believe in the story I want to write, and your clear presentations filled me with enthusiasm. The videos offer a wealth of examples for story development. Your course was the boost I needed. Thank you.” — Linda Sievers

There are no rules in writing. Well, except this one: “Thou shalt not bore.”

But although there are no hard rules, there are principles that have shaped the art of storytelling for centuries. I apply these time-tested criteria about plot, character, and style (which led to the international success of my own novels) so you can strategically apply them to your writing.

Writing a novel is a fulfilling adventure. If you have a story to tell, I’ll help you tell it and share it with the world.

Enroll today — and start on the path to writing a page-turner!


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