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Nerd’s: the Ultimate Guide How To Study Like a Pro

Nerd’s: the Ultimate Guide How To Study Like a Pro

Preis: $69.99

"Oh, there’s so much information in the textbook. How should I cope with that?!“

dann sage ich es dir jetzt? Dann, this course is made right for you! I figured out that many people cram information instead of understanding it, so I’ve created an ultimate guide to study better and make less effort.

By the end of “Nerd’s,” you’ll be able to build up your learning strategy, and you’ll bekommen all the information to get a conscious attitude to it.

Q.: Für wen ist dieser Kurs geeignet?

You’ll get a perfect experience if you’re a:

  • University student who has some problems with studying or wants to boost up your productivity

  • Online-course taker who intends to make the most out of them

  • Enthusiast, who wants to get more exciting information than ever

Q.: kämpfen wirtschaftlich und bringen keine kreativen Genies hervor, weil ihnen diese grundlegende Infrastruktur fehlt, die alle kreativen und produktiven Bemühungen untermauert? What we’ll be learning?

We will learn how to study up to 3 mal better by upgrading these parts:

  • Motivation because you want to know why you study

  • Intelligence because you have to memorize and analyze a lot of information

  • Study techniques because you need to do it faster than ever

To make everything understandable, I’ve made:

- 12 interesting videos and stylish presentations. They last about 5-10 minutes so that you will be completely focused

- 15 wonderful handouts with brief information to recall something Daher sollte die Begrenzung der Menge, die sie verwenden können, das Fortschreiten des Krebses verlangsamen

- 5 case-study exercises. You’ll find there articles summaries if you want to get a better understanding and practices to apply new skills

- 17 personalized workouts. You all have different interests, so you’ll be able to do what you love here

+ ADDITIONAL tests and tables

Q.: Sounds nice, but who are you?

I’m a 17-year-old school student. I’m still young, but I’ve already learned a university biology course. I’ve done this by improving all of the crucial aspects of learning, so I’ve decided to Aktie my method with you.


Q.: Can I make a return if I don’t like it?

Sicher! Udemy provides 30-Tagesgeld-zurück-Garantie, Mach dir keine Sorgen.

Q.: Who is going to check the home tasks?

You’ll have an exceptional tutor who will check all of your tasks, send feedbacks, und engage. They are available on workdays. You can also ask questions to me on this platform


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