Ĉu Elektrolizaj Ĉeloj Povas Dividi Tension?


Elektrolizaj ĉeloj povas dividi tension, sed ili ne estas tiel efikaj kiel fotovoltaecaj ĉeloj por fari tion. This is because electrolytic cells use a metal electrode to create an electric current while photovoltaic cells use a semiconductor to create an electric current. The metal electrode in an electrolytic cell can slow down the process of creating electricity, whereas the semiconductor in a photovoltaic cell can speed up the process.

It is technically possible for Electrolytic cells to divide voltage, but this is not typically done in practice. The main reason for this is that the cells would become unstable and would not be able to perform their intended function. Aldone, it is not safe to have large voltage differences between cellsthis could lead to dangerous accidents.

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