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Project Planning and Control by Microsoft Project

Project Planning and Control by Microsoft Project

Preço: $19.99

Problems and opportunities are inevitable external factors for every organization over time. Sometimes the capacity for the product to be produced is insufficient, sometimes the company needs new software, and sometimes the attempt of strong competitors to enter the market may cause changes in your company’s organization and strategies. Purpose against such changes; to implement the arrangements that the organization can maintain as soon as possible. Projects are generally created in this direction and at least one responsible is assigned to each project.

What is Project Management?

Em primeiro lugar, it is necessary to answer thewhat is notproject management. Project Management is not just a Schedule. With the growing popularity of time-consuming spellings, many people think that if they buy such software and start using it, they do project management. But they do not know how to use all the features of that software, nor do they know how to implement the data provided by the software.

It should be noted that computer software is actually blank papers and forms. The important thing is that these software should be used with the methods offered by Project Management Science. Por exemplo, a person who does not know the rules in the accounting system, no matter how good an accounting program he / she gets, will not be able to use that software effectively.

Project Management is the process of programming the available resources in the most efficient way and controlling the project activities in order to reach the performance, cost and time targets. These three objectives can be achieved through efficient and effective use of resources. There are limited resources in every organization. Failure to establish the workloads of resources correctly may cause projects to fail.

Contributions of Microsoft Project to Project Management

Microsoft Project offers a project manager the ability to quickly plan, reliably check and analyze their available resources quickly. além do que, além do mais, MS Project will offer the opportunity to minimize conflict situations caused by multiple project applications within the company.

Learning Goals

Neste treinamento, participants will learn to use the Microsoft Project program. It is aimed to increase the success of managing their projects more efficiently and achieving the goals of the projects they manage.

Resultados de aprendizagem

The information learned by the participants will be evaluated as follows with performance oriented activities:

Nesse curso, which will be carried out in the form of a workshop, using the case analysis to be given to the participants, the competencies of the participants to use Microsoft Project will be evaluated. Case studies cover the planning, execution, and monitoring and control stages of projects.

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