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Emotional intelligence – emotions management

Emotional intelligenceemotions management

Цена: $79.99

Managing emotions is not about rejecting them and not feeling them. The fact that they appear in us is a natural process, which most often we have no influence. Anger, irritation, anxiety or irritability are a constant part of the game called life. We all experience them and we are threatened not by the fact that they appear, but only by letting them take over us. Emotion management is the process of regaining control over your own emotional system and at the same time acquiring the ability to diagnose and suppress other people’s emotions. We have the right not cope with our emotions, because no official education system has equipped us with such skills. But it is worth changing it.

Developing skills in the area of ​​emotional intelligence can significantly increase the quality of our lives: private, professional and relational. The benefits of mastering such skills are enormous, which is confirmed by the participants of our trainings and online courses. Why not give it a try how does it work? Why not use this knowledge and make your life easier?

Exploring the world of emotions can be a fascinating adventure of our cognition possibilities, because they are important responsible for our reactions, cooperation with other people and relationships that we build with ourselves. I invite you to a video course offering knowledge in the field of emotional intelligence as well as techniques and tools for managing emotions. These more than three hours material can be an extremely valuable investment, bringing life gains that cannot be overestimated. Добро пожаловать на курс!

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