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Karibu kwenye Scholarsark.com! Usajili wako utakupa ufikiaji wa kutumia huduma zaidi za jukwaa hili. Unaweza kuuliza maswali, toa michango au toa majibu, angalia maelezo mafupi ya watumiaji wengine na mengi zaidi. Jiandikishe sasa!

Infinix HOT mpya 10 dhamana ya mchezo ya juu ya michezo ya kubahatisha na 6000 betri ya mAh.

Infinix HOT mpya 10 dhamana ya mchezo ya juu ya michezo ya kubahatisha na 6000 betri ya mAh.

Infinix imeanzisha nyongeza mpya zaidi kwa HOT yake iliyotolewa hivi majuzi 10 mfululizo.

Kifaa kipya, ambayo Infinix inaita toleo la michezo ya kubahatisha la HOT 10, ina baadhi ya vipengele vya kushangaza na masasisho machache ya kuvutia kutoka kwa toleo asili.

Some of these upgrades include an improved 6,000 mAh battery as well as a larger 6.82-inch cinematic display.

Infinix began introducingPlayversions of its HOT series last year when it launched the HOT 9 along with the HOT 9.

Walakini, ya “Playversion is pretty much the same as what the larger tech community calls the LITE versions.

Though it’s nice enough that thePlaytag is most appropriate for the LITE versions of Infinix’s entertainment-oriented HOT devices, as it helps extend entertainment time for young people with larger screens and extended battery life.

The HOT 10 Play features a unique design that creates a wave-like effect when rocking from side to side. This unique design is paired with four soft colors including Obsidian Black, Morandi Green, Aegean Blue, and Mist Copper.

6000mAh battery and Power Marathon tech durability

To further enhance usability, Infinix has not only expanded the battery capacity limit to 6000 mAh but also combined the long-lasting battery with Power Marathon technology.

With this combination, users are free to indulge in any kind of entertainment with their smartphones without having to worry about recharging their device’s battery in short intervals.

The screen size makes a big difference when it comes to watching streaming video, playing mobile games, and loading the truck with other things from smartphones.

That’s why Infinix has stretched the HOT 10 Play display to 6.82 inches so that users can get the most out of their device when working with all kinds of content.

Smooth Operational Mediatek HelioG35 Processor

Thanks to the HelioG35 processor, the Infinix HOT 10 Play guarantees smooth operation during any activity.

Whether it’s for work, school research or just having fun with the device, the user doesn’t have to worry about dragging the whole process, because the Mediatek Helio G35 processor turns every experience into a fun journey at the highest level.

Other interesting features on the device include an 8-megapixel front-facing AI camera and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, with which users can get super-sharp images from a variety of angles and in any lighting conditions.

As for storage capacity, this smartphone comes in two variants. There’s the 2GB+32GB option, which is now available at all authorized retailers nationwide.

Walakini, the other variant, 4GB+6GB, will be available in stores starting the first week of February 2021. The exact date remains unannounced.

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