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Effective Body Language for Communication and Influence

Effective Body Language for Communication and Influence

Prijs: $29.99

I entered the interview room. The executive walked in, shook my hand, and my anxiety vanished! What Just Happened?

He had presence. He made me feel welcome and cared about, and it made a world of difference. I interviewed well, en I got the job!

  • Have you ever failed at communicating a great idea because you didn’t look self-assured?

  • Have you ever been reluctant to believe someone who won’t make eye contact?


  • Have you seen someone niet have a strong argument, maar de WAY they said it made people believe?

  • Have you ever irritated others by rolling your eyes, sighing, or pursing your lips while listening?

IT TAKES LESS THAN 7 SECONDS TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION. How many words can you cram into 7 seconden? Don’t even try, omdat your body language speaks for you. Research from Northwestern and Stanford shows that body language matters more than hierarchy in making a person think, act, and be perceived in a more powerful way.


  1. Build trust, clarity and rapport when you communicate.

  2. Present a confident and assertive you

  3. Send the right non-verbal message to reinforce your words


I designed this course for kiezer & vrouw who want to make their PRESENCE FELT. Bij werk, Bij networking events, en in social settingsif you want to make a greater impact, take this course and get better, way better Bij:

  • Communication skills

  • Leiderschap

  • Assertiveness

  • Social skills

  • Public speaking

  • Persuasion

  • Presentations


I use the OBSERVE – PROBEREN – FAILLEARN model. Teaching and learning are not the same thing. Teaching demonstrates what is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself. As a professor who understands that difference, I design my courses to help you learn effectively. I have taught for 15 years at top-tier universities. Read what my students have to say below.


I am one hundred percent confident that this course will help you improve your body language, so try it risk free. There is a 30 dag geld terug garantie. Each section has been recorded and produced at a professional quality level. You will learn effectively through demonstrations with live actors. Upon completing the course, you will receive a De lijm die een gemeenschap bij elkaar houdt, zodat vrouwen voor elkaar opkomen en hun vrienden uitnodigen omdat ze zoveel waarde krijgen.


“A very effective teacher”

A very friendly approach makes the fine lectures very interesting

A very interactive course with a great faculty

Activities are very helpful, give us more!”

An open minded way of delivery. It helps in breaking down our barriers

Best Experience and learned a lot. Class is interactive and useful

Each class is fun and knowledgable

Excellent classes full of fun and engagement

Excellent teaching methodology. Extremely engaging and innovative

He has a very creative method of teaching. He keeps us attentive throughout the class

His interactive and innovative teaching methods make this subject all the more interesting

My favorite teacher personally!”

The most creative teacher from the lot and I always look forward to attend his lectures

Attending his lectures has actually made a difference to me

Probably the best lectures out of all the others

“Zeer goed gestructureerd, explained and well delivered

Your unique pedagogy style is amazing. Looking forward to more fun-based learning

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