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Zero-emission bikes and crops that grow without soil in CleanTech investment pitch

Cambridge Cleantech has unveiled the first 12 contenders chosen to pitch at its Cleantech Venture Day in London on October 31. Toilet paper made of bamboo, zero-emission electric superbikes, soil-less agriculture and technology which uses energy from vibrations to run sensors are all in the frame.

Al di sopra di 50 cleantech companies applied and 24 will be invited to pitch; these are the first dashing dozen:

  • Cheeky Panda – produces sustainable tissue products out of fast-growing bamboo
  • Saietta – technology to significantly reduce energy consumption of electric vehicles including zero-emission electric sport bikes
  • Airponix – smart soil-less system to grow a broad range of organic quality nutritional food crops including staples
  • Origen Power – technology which generates electricity at the same time as taking CO2 out of the atmosphere
  • Solar Polar Ltd – refrigeration and air-conditioning system that requires no electricity, has no moving parts, is silent and uses natural refrigerants
  • CCm Technologies – transforms captured CO2, Ammonia and Phosphorus into fertilisers and replacements for plastic
  • 8Power – technology that powers sensors and wireless systems from vibrational energy, removing the need for batteries or power supply
  • Oxfiniti – smart nanobubble generators that can create nanobubbles of gas in any liquid using a patented treatment process
  • Wimao – patented technology for recycling different waste streams and turning them into ecological composite products
  • Cumulus Energy – grid-level energy storage batteries with minimal cost of storage, using patented battery technology
  • Raybased – intuitive management, control and optimization of electrical systems, such as lighting, appliances and HVAC
  • Cryptocycle Limited – blockchain technology that transforms the effectiveness of recycling Deposit Return Schemes.

Cleantech Venture Day has been a trailblazing event for the community since its inception in 2006. Nell'ultima decade, più di 220 companies have pitched their ideas at Cleantech Venture Days and as much as €600 million has been invested as a result of the events.

Investors attending this year’s event include Engie, Cleantech Capital Advisors, First Imagine!, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd, Grid VC and Saffron Myhill-Hunt.

Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech, said he was delighted with the quality of the 50-plus entries received. “We have pared down the entries to the most investment-ready and innovative companies.

“Everything from ultra-high efficiency electric motors for vehicles, to efficient crop growth without soil and to the automated design and management of buildings of the future will be presented.”

KPMG, JA Kemp, Hewitsons and Oxfordshire Greentech are event partners for the day.

Andrew Priest, head of technology at Hewitsons, disse: “The event offers a great insight into numerous technology innovations and provides an ideal opportunity for many technology businesses and entrepreneurial individuals to secure necessary funding.

“Based on last year it is evident that the UK will continue to be a ‘hotbed’ for CleanTech innovation for many years to come.”


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