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10 Pozytywne wyniki koronawirusa z dwóch najlepszych lotów w Niemczech

10 Pozytywne wyniki koronawirusa z dwóch najlepszych lotów w Niemczech

Powróciły kluby z dwóch czołowych niemieckich lig 10 pozytywne wyniki z 1,724 testy na koronawirusa, mówi niemiecka liga piłkarska.

Kluby trenują w grupach, z testami wykonanymi przed planowanym powrotem do treningów w zespołach.

Clubs in Germany have been training in groups and observing social distancing guidelines

Measures includingthe isolation of the affected personhave been taken, said the DFL.

Top-flight side Cologne have had no further Covid-19 infections after three people tested positive last week.

The trio aresymptom-freebut remain in quarantine for 14 dni, said the club.

The Bundesliga is set to become the first major football league in Europe to return to competition.

Officials suggested resuming on 9 May but the government delayed the decision and a restart may now be on 16 lub 23 Móc.

Cologne said in a statement thatonly players who have been tested negatively twice in succession are allowed to train and play”.

The DFL added: “A second wave of tests will be carried out this weekhere too there may be isolated positive test results, especially since one of the tasks of this second round is to reduce the likelihood of ‘false negativefindings that can never be completely ruled out.

Last week, chancellor Angela Merkel said that any decision on if and when sports activities could resume would be taken on Wednesday, 6 Móc.

The league has been suspended since mid-March because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The DFL has warned that many top-division teams will be in anexistence-threateningfinancial position if play does not resume by June.


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