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Microsoft Project Planning and time management.

Microsoft Project Planning and time management.

Cena: $39.99

This course its design to teach you how to overcome your projects planning with a great tool and the basic setup of the PMI methodology for project management, no matter what is the size of your project it would help you set your goals and have clarity on it.

This course its divided on several sections that would built up the basic knowledge to use it proficiently, it has 3 review exercises directly involve with planning and management.

We will start by defining our project, and setting a proper scope of the work to be done, furter from there, how to set everything on task, add resources and their durations, and use all their tools to add cost parameters that would respond to the requirements and would help us create a specific base line that would be a reference for future tracking and managment of the project execution.

Lastly we will review the extraction of reports and other values.

This is a great course to explore the basics for anytype of project enjoy it and jump freely between sections, its access its lifetime.

Use the forum questions to expand your knowledge and push your understanding for future uses.

Be the first to know of future courses regarding BIM and project management, and take advantage of all the opportunities that may appear and use it to improve your work performance and get better job positions.

Join to a selective group that its looking for possibilities rather than restrictions, and be UpToDate for all the amazing possibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever.

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