Dlaczego amidy są słabszymi kwasami niż woda??


Amidy są słabszymi kwasami niż woda, ponieważ zawierają grupę aminową zamiast grupy hydroksylowej. Oznacza to, że kwasowość amidu nie jest tak silna jak kwas na bazie wody. Dodatkowo, the nitrogen atom in an amide can donate its electron to another molecule, which makes it even more acidic.

Amides are also weaker acids than water because they have a negative charge. This makes it easy for them to dissociate from other molecules, which reduces their strength.

Amides are molecules that contains an acid group and a nitrogen atom. This makes it weaker than water because the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom can be easily taken up by another molecule, weakening the acidic properties of the amide.

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