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Many Agree That Learning Becomes Faster or Better When We Are In Company Of Like Minds. On this platform, Scholars Converge To Exchange Ideas, Ask Questions, Provide Answers, And Share Research materials That Pertain Various Areas Of Study. Namely;



- Animal Production
- Crop Production
- The Farm


- English Language
- History and International

- Studies
- Foreign Languages
- Mass Communication
- Religion Philosophy
- Theater and Film Arts
- Linguistics and Nigerian

- Languages
- Archeology and Heritage

- Studies
- Music


- Arts Education
- Educational Foundation
- Science and Technology

- Education

- Social Science Education
- Special Education and

- Rehabilitation Sciences
- Physical and Health Education


- Civil Engineering
- Electrical and Electronic

- Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Mining Engineering

Environmental Sciences

- Architecture
- Building
- Estate Management
- Geography and Planning
- Quantity Surveying
- Urban and Regional Planning
- Fine and Applied Arts


- Commercial Law
- Public Law
- Private Law
- International Law and Jurisprudence

Management Sciences

- Accounting
- Actuarial Science
- Banking and Finance
- Business Administration
- Business Management
- Insurance
- Marketing

Medical Sciences

- Anaesthesia
- Anatomy
- Biochemistry
- Chemical Pathology
- Dentistry
- Ear Nose and Throat
- Family Medicine
- Psychiatry
- Haematology and Blood Transfusion
- Medical Instructional and Technology Unit
- Medical Laboratory Science
- Medical Microbiology
- Medicine
- Nursing
- Obstetrics and Gynaecology
- Ophthalmology
- Otraumatology and Traumatology
- Paediatrics
- Pathomorphology
- Physiology

Natural Sciences

- Chemistry
- Computer Science
- Geology
- Mathematics
- Microbiology
- Physics
- Plant Science and Technology
- Remedial Sciences
- Science Laboratory Technology
- Zoology

Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Biotechnology Pharmaceutics
- Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
- Pharmaceutical Chemistry
- Pharmaceutical Microbiology
- Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy
- Pharmacognosy and Traditional Medicine
- Pharmacology

Social Sciences

- Economics
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Sociology

We also exchange ideas on:

  • Job Interview questions
  • Admission Requirements To Various Universities
  • Study Experiences
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • And a broad view into various areas of life.

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