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Azure Logic Apps – 360⁰

Azure Logic Apps – 360⁰

Price: $19.99

There is no doubt that integration and automation became a trend and a demand for most of the companies across different sectors.

Companies are looking now to have an end to end solution that can automate their processes across different workloads and systems, so platforms integration became the main integrant component that can orchestrate the automation processes.

Azure Logic App is one of the most powerful tools that can serve any kind of business automation requirements, and this because of

* Simplified process: Logic app is a workflow platform that allows you to build a complete automation process without writing a single line of code.

* Support 100s of connector’s across different services and workloads and this includes 3rd party solutions.

* Triggers: Event-driven workflow execution according to the given action for the selected service.

* Build B2B isolated solution by connecting to your on-premises services and solutions.

With AzureIn360⁰ you will have a complete walkthrough on the given service across the different perspectives, you should expect yourself to be fully experienced with the hands on lab provided throughout the training that covers the following areas:

* Develop

* Control

* Test

* Monitor

* Secure

* Deploy

* Maintain performance

With AzureIn360, real life case scenarios will be at your end in the form of a practice on each and every given topic, this for sure includes working with built in and 3rd party connectors. See you there!

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