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Открийте как да спечелите стипендия на Харвардския университет за международни студенти

В тази статия ние ви даваме подробен план за това как чуждестранните студенти могат да получат стипендия на Харвардския университет.

Харвардският университет е дълбоко смятан за един от най-добрите университети в света, с множество забележителни възпитаници.

Основан през 1636, Harvard University is the oldest institution in the United States and has become a home for nurturing great men who build America.

Harvard University is known for top-notch education which has attracted students from all over the world into its various schools including the Harvard Business School, Harvard Divinity School, Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, и други.

How Do I Gain International Scholarship Into Harvard University

Стипендии на Харвардския университет & Their Eligibility Criteria

Harvard University usually takes into consideration the financial status of its prospective students and has made it a culture to give opportunities to students who are talented but not financially buoyant to study. Harvard University offers financial aids up to 100% tuition fees based on the student’s demonstration of financial needs, и около 70% of the students receive financial aid including both domestic and international students.



Harvard University Undergraduate Scholarship

In a bid to provide financial assistance to talented students, Harvard University offers scholarships and other financial aids to about 70% of the newly admitted undergraduates. Apart from this, относно 60% students of the enrolling students also receive need-based scholarships which is an average of $12,000 per year for four years. The eligible criteria for this scholarship:

  • You must be an undergraduate
  • Must have been admitted into Harvard University
  • Ability to demonstrate strong financial needs

Michel David-Weill Scholarship

Regarded as one of the most competitive and prestigious scholarships in Harvard University, this scholarship provides $80,000 for the selected students. It is an undergraduate scholarship for students who have already been admitted into the university. The scholarship is open to students from any country, but due to its competitiveness, higher preference is given to US citizens over others. За да имате право на стипендия, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate at Harvard University
  • Being an American citizen also increases your chances


Harvard Business School Forward Fellowship

HBS Forward Fellowship is one of the long-lasting fellowships at Harvard and it is awarded to students every year. Founded solely to support students from low-income families, this fellowship offers between $10,000 и $20,000 to qualified students. The eligibility criteria are that applicants must:

  • Have enrolled in MBA program at Harvard Business School
  • Come from a low-income family
  • Demonstrate strong financial needs and show evidence of family low income

Harvard T.H. Чан училище по обществено здраве, Population and Development Studies Fellowship

Hosted by the Harvard T.H. Чан училище по обществено здраве, this fellowship is mainly a research scholarship targeted at students—both US and international post-doctoral researchers. It is for a two-year research and leadership training in the field of population and labor force. This fellowship provides scholars with office space, здравна осигуровка, пътни пари, library usage, research funds, and a monthly payment of $60,000.

За да имате право на тази стипендия, candidates must:

  • Be a PhD student or a post-doctoral student
  • Mainly interested in research on the aging population and workforce

Harvard University Environmental Fellows Program

This scholarship is designed as a result of Harvard University’s commitment to improving talented students who are interested in environment-related research. It is founded by the Harvard University Center for the Environment to enable recent doctorate recipients to deploy Harvard’s extraordinary resources in solving environmental problems. Стипендията включва заплата от $70,000, здравна осигуровка, и $2,500 for travel and other professional expenses.

За да отговарят на условията:

  • Candidate must submit a project proposal in the field which will be reviewed by the admission committee
  • Seek a host faculty member who is willing to commit to mentoring the candidate

Harvard Graduate Student Award

The Harvard Graduate Student Award is designed to support students who are working on research on health challenges in the United Arabs Emirates. Regardless of the discipline, as long as the research is targeted at health-related issues, students may be qualified for this award. The eligibility criteria are:

  • Be a student at Harvard University
  • Be working on a dissertation on health-related issues

Eligibility Courses Offered

There are numerous courses that are offered at Harvard University, many of which offer scholarship opportunities and financial support to both enrolling and prospective students. Some of these courses are:

  • All undergraduate courses
  • Business-related courses
  • Environment courses
  • Public Health

Разходи за живот

По принцип, the cost of living at Harvard University largely depends on the student’s lifestyle and other circumstances. Например, some students, especially international students, who are being accompanied to the United States will have to incur more expenses to take care of their dependents. въпреки това, for a single student enrolling in Harvard University, the average cost of living is $30,000 на година.

Although there are many more scholarships for students intending to enroll or already enrolled at Harvard University, these scholarships are some of the most prestigious scholarships at Harvard University. Students are advised to work on all areas of their application in order to improve their chances. Късмет!





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