How can I realistically make $100k online in 12 months?


I going to reveal the SECRET strategy I use to make $5,000-$10,000 per month in reliable passive income… (with step-by-step instructions)

**If you follow these steps, you can easily make $100k /year online**

There are LOTS of ways to make money online and generate passive income.

But it took me YEARS to learn through trial and error.

I remember making my first sale online and it was an amazing feeling.

It was as an affiliate for a fitness product.

I simply put the link on my site and got my first sale.

I couldn’t believe that people would come to my website, click a link, and buy an ebook for $40.

I could hardly believe it.

Since then, I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars online.

And I’ve tried TONS of them:

  • Ecommerce (I failed at this)
  • Affiliate Marketing (I made about $500/month for years)
  • Coaching (I make thousands per month)
  • Self-Publishing on Amazon (this is my REAL money maker these days)

And I’ve made money with all of them (except for ecommerce)

But of all of my strategies, writing books on Amazon has been the MOST profitable for me.

Here are the steps to make $100k+ per year from writing books on Amazon.

I call it my “RWPPPP” (pronounced “rip”) framework:

  1. Research: Research Amazon for what’s already selling. This is probably my biggest secret.
  2. Write: You have 3 options (just choose one and get the book done)
    1. Write it yourself (create an outline)
    2. Or outsource it on Upwork
    3. Or use Rev to transcribe it.
  3. Position: Pay close attention to the following:
    1. Amazon Best Seller Rank: Anything lower than 50,000 is making decent money
    2. Number of Pages: Your book only needs to be 75 pages… people want quick and easy, not a long anthology
    3. Categories: Position the book in hot categories and subcategories (health, business, self-help are very profitable)
  4. Profit on Backend: You’ll make thousands per month in royalties, but the real money is made on the backend:
    1. Coaching: I’ve made thousands of dollars in coaching clients
    2. Online Courses: I’ve made thousands of dollars selling an online course
    3. Consulting: If you have a B2B service, you can offer it to companies and make tens of thousands
    4. Speaking: Your book can easily get you on the paid speaking circuit (and make you tens of thousands of dollars per month)
  5. Publish: This is pretty straightforward… just publish the book on Amazon and price it at 99 cents (be sure to create a paperback version so you can double your profits)
  6. Promote: This is probably the most important aspect. If you do it right, you can become a bestseller in multiple categories. Here are good ways to promote:
    1. Friends/Family: Ask your friends and family to buy your book for 99 cents
    2. Book Promo Sites: BuckBooks, BargainBooksy, BookRunes, are a great start
    3. Ads: Use Facebook ads and Amazon Marketing Services ads to get even more sales

Once you’re a bestseller, increase the price to $2.99 and start earning royalties passively and easily.

Then you simply repeat the process with other books…

That’s my entire “RWPPPP” process in a nutshell and it’s the exact system I use to make $5k-$10k per month online.

Credit: Raza Imam

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