Can a Hydroxyl Group Be Attached to a Triple Bonded Carbon?


Yes, a hydroxyl group can be attached to a triple bonded carbon. This configuration is called an alkoxy group, and it typically occurs in compounds that are water soluble or have low melting points. For example, the compound acetone has an alkoxy group at the position of methane (CH3-).

Its functional group is called an ester, and it typically occurs in aromatic compounds. Esters are responsible for the fragrant properties of many flowers and herbs, as well as certain types of perfume oils.

They also play an important role in the body’s chemical reactions by serving as removable terminators on macromolecules such as proteins or DNA. In addition to their useful physical properties, esters are also amphipathic molecules which means that they have both polar (water-loving) and nonpolar (oil-loving) regions.

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