Silver vs Gold Tequila – Meaning, Preparation And Lots More


In a battle of Tequilas, Silver vs Gold Tequila is one of the most spiked up argument nowadays.

And we want to clearly state the differences in superiority between these two tequilas.

Silver Tequila vs Gold Tequila

Tequila is an alcoholic drink for cocktails and shots, as well as the national drink of Mexico.

Tequila is thought to have originated about 2,000 years ago, at the time it was used for religious ceremonies.

The Blue Agave Plan is used as the main ingredient in tequila, then the drink is processed and fermented, and finally classified by taste, aging, and ingredients used.

What is a Silver Tequila?

Silver tequila is also known as White or Blanco tequila because of its pure and transparent color.

Silver tequila is easily confused with vodka because of its appearance and taste.

The concentration of silver tequila is 100% agave or a close blend, with blue agave alcohol in its purest form present in silver tequila.

It is bottled immediately after being distilled, which means that it is not aged or aged for only a small amount of time.

Silver tequilas tend to have a sharp taste. Silver tequila is presented in its pure form without any additives.

It is often consumed in the form of cocktails. Because the production and packaging process is less complicated, it is more convenient

What is a Gold Tequila?

Gold tequila is commonly known as Joven tequila.

The gold tequila is made using blue agave plants.

It is a blend that is less than 100% pure agave and is then distilled into alcohol.

The golden color of tequila comes from two different sources, which can be the barrels in which the tequila was aged, or dye additives.

Sugar and caramel dye is added to the batch before fermentation, which gives gold tequila a smooth taste and makes it the best choice for aging.

Gold tequila is infused with additives at the end of distillation, making for a smooth and tolerable taste.

Gold tequila is usually consumed as shots. The aging process for gold tequila is quite long and complicated, so it is expensive.

Main Difference of Silver And Gold Tequila

The main difference between gold and silver tequila lies in their production process, gold tequila is kept in barrels for aging, while silver tequila is bottled immediately after distillation.

Silver tequila is more popular and available in clubs compared to gold tequila.

Gold tequila has a lower concentration of of-agave compared to silver tequila.

The process of blending Silver Tequila with high quality aged tequila results in 100% pure agave, Gold Tequila.

Golden Tequila has a brown color, while Silver Tequila is clear and transparent like water.

Additives and dyes are added to gold tequila, while silver tequila is available in its pure form.

Gold tequila has a smooth taste, while silver tequila has a very harsh natural flavor.

Gold tequila is usually consumed as a scotch because of its smooth flavor, while silver tequila is consumed as a cocktail.

Gold tequila is much more expensive than silver tequila. Gold tequila is usually preferred over silver tequila when making margaritas.

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