How true is it that when you take two/three spoons of organic coconut oil first in the morning it kills cancer cells?


Its certainly true that you will boost your bad cholesterol by taking in so much saturated fat first thing in the Morning. So it may kill you well before it kills cancer cells.

In some cultures coconuts are widely consumed in various forms from the very earliest of times in coastal areas, but that doesn’t meant much health wise . The fact I’m not marketing it with loads of pseudo-scientific garbage should mean something correct ? My grandparents had 400 to 500 coconut trees in a small farm and it used to be a source of monetary revenue for them. Its probably good for skin and industrial use for cosmetics , lubricants etc, but id advise against consuming much in food unless its in defatted flour . On teh other hand fresh coconut kernel water ( 0% fat) is a good source of electrolytes if you are exhausted as its fairly rich in glucose and Potassium ions and has moderate sodium . Coconut milk is high in saturated fat and should be consumed only as an antidote to some kinds of shellfish/oyster poisoning(temporary use) .

Credit: Ramesh Raghothama

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