What Is The Estimated Silver Quarter Melt Value?


You can find the melt value of any US silver quarter by multiplying its fine silver content (0.18084 troy ounces) by the current spot price of silver.($26.50 per ounce).

However, its value is much higher if it is rare or collectible.

The last silver quarter was minted in 1964.

How To Sell Your Silver Quarter

Silver quarters are in relatively high demand if you decide to sell your coins.

If the quarters are in particularly good condition, you might consider getting them professionally appraised.

Many collectors prefer to buy coins that have already been graded by the NGC or PCGS.

It is also wise to sell your silver quarters together as a lot rather than individually if they are in worn condition.

Gainesville Coins proudly has 90% silver quarters for sale in bank rolls of 40 quarters each.

The rolls are often a mix of Washington, Standing Liberty and Barber designs.

Any reputable coin dealer will buy your silver quarters.

This is always your best option, as a coin dealer will know exactly what your coin is and be able to offer you a fair price.

You can also sell your silver quarters on an online auction site or in a private transaction with a collector.

It is not advisable to sell your silver to a pawn shop, however, as pawn brokers are not necessarily coin experts.

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