What Is The Meaning Of “Ok” and the Origin of Ok


The Origin of Ok can be emphasized from the meaning of Ok which stands for “oll korrect.” .

It is often said when describing a statement to be good, all right, or correct in all sense.

Origin Of The Word “Ok”

The word Ok was formed 175 years ago in exactly year 1839 as a slang lust in Boston and New York.

Ok was mainly an idiom popularly used in the 1840 reelection of President Martin Van Buren.

Martin Van Buren which was born in Kinderhook, initiated the nickname “Old Kinderhook” as OK.

Which his supporters used a lot during rallies and it went viral.

Spelled okeh, 1919, by Woodrow Wilson, on the presumption that it represented Choctaw okeh “it is so” (a theory that has no historical documentation); this spelling was quickly superseded by okay after the appearance of this form in 1929.

Greek immigrants to America who returned home in the early 20th century, having picked up American speech patterns, were known in Greece as okay-boys, among others.

The noun was first attested in 1841: “approve, approve, authorize” (especially as indicated by the letters O.K.); the verb “approve, consent, authorize” by 1888. Okey-doke is student slang, first attested in 1932.



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