Why Belgium Is The No. 1 National Football Team On The 2020 FIFA Rankings In The World


The Men’s FIFA Ranking In The World is a ranking system for men’s National Association football teams, currently led by Belgium.

The teams of men’s member countries of FIFA, football’s world governing body, are ranked based on the results of their games, with the most successful teams ranking highest.

The ranking was introduced in December 1992, and eight teams (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) took the top position, of which Brazil spent the longest time in first place.

Belgium As The Top Ranked Men’s FIFA National Team

Belgium remain top of the FIFA World Rankings with 1765 points, followed by France (1733) and Brazil (1712). The well-known rankings haven’t seen significant changes due to the scarce number of international matches lately.

Belgium, France, and Brazil remain in the top 3 of the FIFA World Rankings in the first one published by the organisation in 2020. Belgium have 1765 points, followed by France with 1733 and Brazil with 1712.

“Indeed, with just 15 friendlies taking place since the last Ranking update in December – including two games in late 2019 – the top 20 remain unchanged, with Belgium, France and Brazil still making up the top three”, FIFA said.

In the top 50, the only teams to have suffered are Wales (who are now 23rd) and Paraguay (41st), who have moved down a place, while Ghana are up one to 46th.

Senegal remain the top team in Africa in 20th spot, Nigeria are 31rd, Tanzania are 134th, and Ethiopia are 146th.

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